Catie Low

Catie started her journalism career at Business News before broadening her experience with a stint as the commercial property editor for The West Australian. During this period she also covered the retail, technology and healthcare sectors, before shifting into the role of fashion editor for two years.
Catie then took a break from reporting to have a family, and returned as a regular contributor to Business News in early 2016.

Patent trolls trawl for business

OPINION: The fact it is cheaper to settle a legal claim than fight it in the courts has opened up a new world of litigation online.

Cashie maintains lucrative allure

OPINION: Everyday Aussies feel gypped when big business doesn’t seem to pay its ‘fair’ share of the tax burden, which may help explain the attraction of the cash economy.

Time for a behavioural shift

OPINION: The boom-bust economy is a function of the business sector’s behavioural patterns interacting with the economic cycle.

Little shelter from fallout

OPINION: Australia is becoming increasingly vulnerable to global, and local, economic shocks.

It’s funny because it’s true

OPINION: Satirists can provide a wake-up call, showing us how easily we can be seduced by the spin of politicians.

Data key to marketing moves

OPINION: Businesses risk being left behind by rapid changes in customer behaviour unless they improve how they collect and communicate information. 

Troubled times for politics and power

OPINION: WA’s domestic gas policy is now being lauded by other states, as the east coast power crisis continues.

Pay structure a matter of trust

OPINION: The argument about penalty rates has an echo at the other end of the pay scale.

Retail labours under costs burden

OPINION: High fixed and labour costs are big barriers to a sustainable retail sector, as recent failures attest.

Consumer choice can limit our options

OPINION: Modern commerce that places cheap and convenient at the head of the queue comes at a cost to other measures of value.

Seeds of change produce first buds

OPINION: The erosion of trust in traditional institutions is changing politics, business and social norms.

Control at the core of AI rise

OPINION: Checks and balances are vital if artificial intelligence is going to work for us, rather than the other way round.

Coalition hot under the collar over climate

The government has kicked a remarkable own goal in its mismanagement of climate debate.

Media ripe for reset as pollsters pummelled

All bets are off when political upheaval upends conventional wisdom.

Taking responsibility, managing risk

Striking the right balance between individual needs of workers and the big picture is challenging, even for multinationals. 

Hospital bed not the place to find out your cover’s lacking

Health insurers have been playing us for suckers for too long.

Managing the shift to automation

Automation is making some real changes in the workplace, but it’s the next generation of robotic technology that will really challenge our ideas about people and employment.

Lacking the confidence to lead

A lack of political direction and inertia across much of the economy are an unhealthy combination.

Blunt business threat to Australia’s creative legacy

A Productivity Commission report, and moves by giant international tech companies, could bring significant changes to Australia’s copyright laws, and we all stand to lose.

Failure to engage makes for risky business

Political and business leaders need to make clear, rational arguments to counter the more extreme claims from those who feel disenfranchised.

Wellness brands bank on China

Australian wellness products establishing themselves in China need to beware of any signs of the hubris that infected our iron ore producers.

No-one wins from low-pay deals

Penalty rates may be the bane of small businesses everywhere, but for now, at least, employers are legally obliged to pay them.

Juno quest built on more than heroic assumptions

Aiming high is a noble goal, in science and in business, but the journey becomes perilous if the fundamental building blocks aren’t in place.

Populace tires of political theatre

The political process is becoming increasingly polarised, with many voters in the middle losing interest.

Balancing perspectives on gender issues at work

Sensible, rational discussion of important issues will achieve far more progress than conflict and a retreat to stereotypes.

Sometimes it’s tough to love thy neighbour

A bit of old-fashioned heavy handedness may be just the thing to deal with the challenges posed by disrupters like Airbnb.

Super changes send mixed message

Changes to superannuation in this month’s federal budget were a kick in the teeth to those looking to self-fund their retirement.

Affordable housing more delusion than dream

Home ownership and interest rates provide solid point-scoring opportunities for politicians, but the whole narrative is increasingly out of touch with the reality of many working families in Australia.

No longer whistling in the wind

Several recent high-profile cases of questionable corporate behaviour that have come to light here, and around the world, have a common element – whistleblowers.

Corporate leaders make big targets

It’s refreshing to encounter executives who seemingly conduct their business in a manner that accords with their stated values.

Digital disruption virtually unstoppable

Even the most iconic brands will struggle for relevance if they fail to adapt to the digital age.



Brookfield water move

Brookfield Infrastructure has joined Azure Capital as a major shareholder in emergent Perth water utility Water West.

Wyllie Group cuts ties with Investmet

Major private investment player Wyllie Group has cut direct ties with mining dealmaker Michael Fotios’s investment syndicate, Investmet, a significant backer of junior resources companies and other speculative opportunities.

Buyer closes in on Port Geographe

A buyer is understood to be circling the Port Geographe development near Busselton, potentially ending years of uncertainty for the blighted marina project.

Poli circles Port Geographe

Aquila Resources founder Tony Poli has emerged as a potential buyer for the Port Geographe development, in a move that could breathe new life into the long-stalled coastal project.

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Water goes for gold

WA bottled water producer Refresh Health has signed up four times gold medallist Betty Cuthbert to launch their range of Refresh Pure Water, in a deal the company hopes will boost sales by almost 50 per cent.

Old ways still pay

A SMALL brightly coloured barber’s pole announces Barber Mario on William St, Northbridge.

Kimberley to clean up

PERTH-based Kimberley Oil is going ahead with the development and commercialisation of new oil spill clean-up technology.

UWA secures $50m software centre deal

INTERNATIONAL communications giant Motorola has unveiled plans for a $50 million advanced software engineering centre in Perth.