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Innovator of the Year 2019

Innovator of the Year 2019

07 November 2019

Business News takes a dive into the WA Innovator of the Year Awards 2019, profiling the companies behind glycine leaching, automated rigging, localised weed tilling and efficient bike storage.

Simple leaching solution wins for MPS
Weedchipper a non-chemical, sustainable cropping solution
Steadman rides to success as Steadyrack goes global
Safety, efficiency seal Roborigger sweep
Commercial Property 2019

Commercial Property 2019

04 November 2019

  • Optimism returning to office market as vacancies gradually fill
  • Rents starting to grow, incentives pulling back
  • Developers seeking new approvals to benefit from demand uptick
  • Chevron HQ construction to mark turning point in office sentiment

Office players lining up for next wave
Primewest winning in tough IPO market
Environmental services

Environmental services

28 October 2019

• Big data for managing water, power use and geospatial services
• Sustainable tech businesses also include those focused on renewables and recycling
• Work picking up for environmental consultants is a good sign for the economy

Data helps drive optimal outcomes
Consultants nurture growth opportunities
Great for the State – Edition 8: Generosity & Giving

Great for the State – Edition 8: Generosity & Giving

22 October 2019

The 8th monthly edition of Business News' Great for the State has a focus on philanthropy. We profile some of the people and organisations who have made a big difference in Western Australia, and those set to have a large impact in future. These include:

Museum foundation sets big targets
Perron foundation set up for long-term future
Aikins brings gift for generating giving
From shale gas to philanthropy
ICT Infrastructure

ICT Infrastructure

21 October 2019

This feature analyses the growing debate over broadband services, as construction of the NBN approaches completion.
It also looks at WA data centres – while NEXTDC and Equinix are investing, Fujitsu has cancelled a planned upgrade.

Criticisms continue for NBN as rollout nears completion
Data deployment shift as 5G nears
Biggest Exporters 2019

Biggest Exporters 2019

14 October 2019

Resources exports continue to surge after years of significant capital investments, while other industries face challenges.
- Chevron dramatically lifts WA exports
- UWA catching up to Curtin on international students
- Competition grows for grain traders

Investment boom pays export dividends
State’s universities bring in $466m
Unpacking the grain drain
Residential builders

Residential builders

09 October 2019

Western Australia’s biggest builders are cautiously optimistic that the worst of the state’s biggest downturn in residential construction is over, with forecasts finally turning positive after five years of declining activity.

Patient still breathing, recovery to take time
ABN heads field in tough market
Professional Services

Professional Services

07 October 2019

Accounting firms are widening their services into new areas as they seek a competitive edge.

PwC extends  full-service  offering
Busy quarter for private, public deals


01 October 2019

What does it mean to live well at work? Is it an apple in the kitchen, a yoga session at lunch or an office fitted out with a gym?

Companies step up to culture of wellness
Managing happiness En Masse
Healthcare outreach prioritises patients
Digging deep at work for mental health
Great for the State – Edition 7: Natural Resources

Great for the State – Edition 7: Natural Resources

24 September 2019

Natural resources, from mines and farms to beaches.

We shine a light on the visionaries and the volunteers who harness our landscape for the benefit of the community.

Coast, river resources to respect and enjoy
Seven leaders who built WA's resources industry
Producing at their peak
Mining, energy benefits widespread


23 September 2019

WA’s tourism industry has recovered in the past year on the back of millions of dollars in marketing campaigns from the state government. A decline in international tourism, though, has left some industry and business leaders asking: Is that enough?

Tourism sector says new attractions needed
Gold Miners

Gold Miners

16 September 2019

Our updated list of WA’s top gold miners shows stagnant production despite a surging gold price. This feature also delves into the Super Pit sale and the deal behind WA's biggest new gold mine in years.

Production lags record gold price
Gold stars prepare for pit fight
Gold Road’s  bright deal  delivers at  Gruyere
Retail property 2019

Retail property 2019

09 September 2019

Retailers, landlords evolve to meet changing market

Retail downturn more perfect storm than rent recalcitrance
Shopping centres meet the market
Power and energy 2019

Power and energy 2019

02 September 2019

Gas peaking generation and utility scale batteries will become increasingly valuable in Western Australia as coal power units are retired and new wind farms enter the market.
616MW of new capacity is approved for construction, including 394MW of wind power.

Gas, batteries firm as coal exits
Great for the State – Edition 6: Values & Purpose

Great for the State – Edition 6: Values & Purpose

27 August 2019

We’re taking a close look at how our biggest businesses operate with values and purpose for the good of Western Australia.

Authenticity an opportunity for business success
Pursuit of purpose key to Wesfarmers rise
Main Roads committed to indigenous impacts
Miners embrace challenge of social licence
Small business and franchises

Small business and franchises

26 August 2019

Business closures around the city have increased drastically in recent years, with the slowing economy and high rents two major concerns. Plus, franchising may be under constant scrutiny but we explore how WA entrepreneurs are using the model.

Retail, hospitality hit by rents, slow spending
Reward for effort despite looming franchise regs
Great for the State – Edition 5: Disruption

Great for the State – Edition 5: Disruption

30 July 2019

In this edition, we’re painting a picture of how disruptive technology can change our state for the better.
- How can images of your eye help prevent disease?
- Are driving, petrol and car ownership meeting an end?

Innovation revolution for disease, disability
Seven WA disruptions, then and now
Disruption in motion
Blue sky opportunities
Infrastructure 2019

Infrastructure 2019

29 July 2019

Unprecedented transport infrastructure spending and an uptick in mining investment have boosted confidence, but civil contractors are facing new labour and capacity challenges as the market rebounds.

Contracting  concerns as workflow expands
Economics, environment weigh on Westport


22 July 2019

Air travel in Western Australia has started to recover from an extended slump. This Special Report has data on all WA’s major airports, and details on an innovative inter-regional service coming to the state’s north.

Regional aviation on the rise
Aviair flies in with regional routes