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Sam Walsh

Sam Walsh AO, past Chief Executive, Rio Tinto

Keeping in touch with what's happening in the West Australian business community.

"I find that Business News provides me with a great way of keeping in touch with what's happening in the West Australian business community. Western Australia is a key part of Rio's global reach, and what happens in WA can have a large impact on our business. Perth will also always be an important part of my personal life and I am very interested in hearing what my Business and Arts colleagues are doing, and of those developments which generally are driving the WA economy."

Brendan Vaughan

Brendan Vaughan, Mining Manager, Watpac Civil & Mining

BN is at the forefront of changing the way we do things.

"It was second nature for me as I read an interesting article on the Business News afternoon wrap. I then used 'Related articles' to go back over the last five years, all easy reading and informative. It brought me up to speed on what I needed to know.

It made me appreciate the absolutely brilliant architecture of the on line format, the relevance of the information and ease of its use. 'Hats off' to Business News.

BN is at the forefront of changing the way we do things….embracing the technology now that in reflection will be included as one of the great historic innovations that have changed the way we live….the steam engine! Mass production! Electrification! Now the world turns to a connected digital format for almost everything we need to know.

Well done to the BN News Team."

Penelope Williamson

Penelope Williamson, General Manager WA & NT, American Chamber of Commerce

Business News iQ has quickly become an indispensable part of our planning.

"I require access to current and accurate information pertaining to the West Australia and the business community. This is comprehensively provided by Business News. The content is reliable and informative and gives a good insight into the Perth commercial fraternity."

Ron Manners

Ron Manners, Executive Chairman, Mannkal Economic Education Foundation

We can thank Business News for making our lives so much easier.

"Just a few years ago, we could only dream about a service that would scour Australia's media and send the important items to us in one concise email to start our day. Now, we can thank Business News for doing just this and making our lives so much easier."

Giles Everest

Giles Everest, Executive General Manager, Regal Transport

I have found that there is always something to take away from my weekly read.

"Having been an avid reader throughout my management career, I have relied on BN to give me insights into matters affecting business in and around Perth. With advice on sales and marketing and people management, plus information on contract awards, major projects and emerging businesses, I have found that there is always something to take away from my weekly read."

Sherif Andrawes

Sherif Andrawes, Chairman, BDO (WA) Pty Ltd

Business News is an integral part of our business.

"Having relied on BN for so many years for the best local business information and insight, as well as for being the best means of getting our message across, I can't imagine doing business in WA without BN."