Business News has one aim - to be the first choice for information about commerce and industry in our great state.

To achieve this requires significant resources, a commitment to deliver quality news and an understanding of what you, the reader, really wants.

That is why we have put together a team of reporters, columnists and regular contributors offering the widest coverage of WA business of any media – not to mention extensive information lists sourced from business and government across the state.

Quality in news means delivering more up-to-date and better-researched information, so that every story helps your understanding of the WA market and aids you in making business decisions. Quality reporting also means asking hard questions. That is why you won’t find us compromising our editorial independence.

Our readers are our number one priority and we try hard to understand your needs in order to improve the value of what we offer. That requires market research, the drive to get out among the business community and the ability to listen.

What we hear is:

  • How tough it is to find news about WA’s business community – so we focus our attention on finding local news;
  • That it is hard to keep up with everything – so we present our news in easy-to-digest formats, such as our daily emails in the morning and afternoon, our print publication delivered to your home or office and our annual Lists publication. That is backed up by this state-of-the-art website for our subscribers which offers fresh news, an extensive archive and relevant data on people and companies that operate in WA.
  • There is a lack of vocal, independent support for local business issues – so we aim to be ambassadors for the business community, representing you on matters of importance; and
  • We should celebrate success – so we look for good news stories offering achievements we can all learn from and find motivating. We do that through case studies recognising innovators, success stories and winners of awards, including our own extensive programs such as 40under40 and Rising Stars Awards.

Business News is an evolving product that is always striving to be at the leading edge of business commentary and meeting the high standards readers demand. If there is something we should know about the market or our product please contact us and help contribute to the future of business in WA.

Our editorial staff journalists and contributors are required to conform to highest standards of professionalism, specifically Business News adheres to Australian Press Council's Statement of General Principles and its Advisory Guidelines and our writers are required to abide by the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance Journalist Code of Ethics.  If you have a complaint regarding content we have published please see our guidelines on making a complaint.


Editorial Charter

Business News states: 

  • Its board and leadership team has declared its commitment to the core principle of editorial independence and has vested in the Managing Editor responsibility for all editorial decision making. 
  • The Managing Editor has undertaken to preserve the longstanding independence, integrity and reputation of Business News. 
  • All editorial staff adhere to the highest standards of accuracy, fairness, and balance, reporting honestly and without fear or favour. They report fully on issues of significance, regardless of any commercial, political or personal interests, abiding by the MEAA Code of Ethics at all times. 
  • Privacy is respected and issues of race, gender, religion, nationality, colour, country of origin, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, illness and age is treated with sensitivity. 
  • Syndicated content is sourced from organisations which have also committed to the highest standards of editorial probity and these will be clearly and transparently identified. 
  • Complaints are dealt with expediently and the correction/clarification of errors is carried out at the earliest opportunity. 


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