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Business leaders and influencers trust Business News for accurate, independent and insightful news, editorial and intelligence on commerce, politics, and industry. 

Our readers are the 1% of people making 80% of business decisions in Western Australia. With a professional and ethical team of reporters, columnists and regular contributors offering the widest coverage of WA business of any media, general managers, senior executives, chief executives, owners, directors, chief operating officers, chief financial officers and ministers across all sectors rely on Business News as the source of information for the business community.

Delivering news, events, and data-based insights for close to three decades, Business News empowers audiences to forge connections and make evidence-based decisions to support their business and career. 

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  • 1.8 million unique readers and users YTD and growing. Source: Google Analytics
  • 88% of the Business News audience is made up of AB demographic who hold top management positions (senior manager, general manager and above). Source: Google Analytics FY 18/19 where job title is known
  • 45% of our readership survey respondents say they have been influenced by advertising and/or sponsorship in Business News over the past 12 months. Source: BN Market Research Survey 2019
  • Business News affluent visitors command over $100 billion in business turnover. Source: BN Market Research Survey 2019



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Marec Van Wyk
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