Editorial - Making a complaint

This page provides preliminary information for people who are thinking about complaining Business about material published by Business News. It addresses the following four issues:

What can be complained about?
Who can complain?
When can a complaint be made?
How can a complaint be made?

At the bottom of this page you will information on how to complain to Business News.


Types of material
Complaints may relate to news reports, articles, editorials, letters, images and other published material. Business News does not consider complaints about advertising material, except where the complaint is that the material is not clearly identifiable as advertising.

Where it is more appropriate for a complaint to be dealt with by another organisation, Business News will suggest that the complainant raises the matter with that organisation. This may occur where, for example, the complaint relates to advertising.

Types of publications
Business News considers complaints about material published in print or digital form by Business News. It can also consider complaints about the methods used to obtain information which is subsequently published.

Complaints are treated by Business News as being against the publication, not any individual journalist or editor. But in most complaints Business News consideration is likely to focus on the actions of journalists, editors or other media practitioners.


General rule
In general, any person may lodge a complaint about published material. Where a complainant is not personally identified or directly affected by the published material, the complaint may be considered as a “secondary complaint”.


Time limits
Complaints normally should be made within 30 days of the first publication of the relevant material.

Legal proceedings
Business News does not require complainants to undertake that they will not commence legal proceedings in relation to the material about which they are complaining. But they must tell Business News if they have done so or may do so.

If proceedings have actually been commenced, consideration of the complaint by Business News should not proceed unless there are special circumstances which mean that a delay would be unfairly detrimental to the complainant.


General rule
Complaints should be made by by email, fax or post outlining the complaint, including the following details:

Your Details
Name, address and contact details
Publication Details
Magazine, podcast, video or website, date and time where relevant, headline or URL or any other identification which can help us locate the material (if possible, please also send us a print copy or screenshot).
When Observed
Please tell us where you first saw or heard the material
Reasons for Complaint
Please include if you were personally identified in the article and if you were directly affected by the article's contents.
Legal Processes
Please disclose if you have or are planning to seek legal advice on the subject of this complaint.

Legal and other professional representatives
Business News’s complaints process is intended to be as informal, prompt and economical as possible. Complaints must be made and pursued by complainants or their immediate family unless there are exceptional circumstances. Complainants are not normally expected to communicate with Business News through lawyers.

Complaints will be handled in the first instance by the CEO.

To make a complaint either contact us or email CEO Charles Kobelke.

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