What is Data & Insights?

Data is one of your business’ most important commodities. Like any commodity, its value is only unlocked through processing and refining. 

Business News’ Data & Insights (formerly BNiQ) refines data into insight, housing searchable, up-to-date information on more than 10,000 businesses and 40,000 business professionals across the state. 

Drawing on more than two decades of articles and surveyed information, bolstered by daily and real-time data, it creates an up-to-the-moment picture of the Western Australian business landscape. 

Data & Insights is the real-time intelligence powering Business News’ annual publication Book of Lists – used by 25,000 C-suite executives annually – in a searchable, electronic format.  

The user-friendly search function helps you find information that’s important to you – easily, including: 

  • Company profiles, featuring an overview of activity and a database of every news article written by Business News relating to their organisation. 
  • Number of employees, plus a list of each senior executive and board member as well as remuneration for publicly listed companies. 
  • Spider diagrams and trees, visually showcasing Western Australia’s business network and explaining how people, companies and projects are interconnected. 
  • Exclusive lists of WA projects across multiple industries with summaries running in real time. The deals section allows you to track corporate transaction activity and be across the top mergers and acquisitions.
  • Graphs showing daily data on key commodities, currencies and indices, including our own BN30 - an index tracking the share price change of 30 selected WA-based companies in different industries.

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