What is Data & Insights?

Data & Insights (formally BNIQ), is the most comprehensive, searchable database (more than 10,000 organisations and about 40,000 people) on Western Australia's commercial, government and not-for-profit sectors available.

It combines two decades' worth of articles with data surveyed from local businesses to create ranked lists. Putting these two information sources together creates a powerful knowledge base for investment research and business development.

Data & Insights has more than 100,000 articles, tagged with tens of thousands of organisations and people involved in Western Australian business. Many of these organisations are ranked in more than 90 industry lists. Each organisation, person and project in the database has its own page, rich with their history of activity.

Other resources are:

  • A comprehensive deals database started in 2010 - Capital Raisings (ECM) and Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Directors interest transaction records going back several years
  • A cumulative total of director wealth updated daily
  • Remuneration data for listed companies and the public sector
  • Graphs of daily data on key commodities, currencies and indicies, including our very own, the BN30
  • A comprensive projects list
  • WA's biggest employers
  • Total Shareholder Returns for WA listed companies, updated monthly
  • Detailed financials for WA listed companies, plus headline numbers for major private companies in WA

All this is vital to decision making for Western Australian businesses.


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