The end of the beginning, or the beginning of the end?

In 1942, Winston Churchill famously said that German defeat at El Alamein and impending retreat from Stalingrad represented not the end of the war, or even the beginning of the end but, perhaps, the e

EQ a go-to when going gets tough

Kids and teens look to teachers and parents for how best to navigate crises from an emotional intelligence perspective.

Hiring shift shows in CV checks

We are all getting used to having fresh data at our fingertips as we watch the pandemic unfold before our eyes and try to project today's numbers forward by a fortnight, working out the best- and wors

Will startups bloom?

Farmers typically await the autumnal rains before they sow their seeds, planting ahead of the gloom and cold of winter. If goes well, a crop will emerge and grow over the next few months until it is ready for harvest.

Mark my words podcast

PODCAST: Mark Pownall and Mark Beyer discuss market volatility, rescue packages for federal and state, WA's hard border, Minderoo, tenant-landlord dilemma, project news, and house prices.

Home work the clear winner

There are already some early signs of very clear winners and losers from the COVID-19 crisis, no matter how much we want to believe we are all in this together.

The soft side of capitalism has to be on display

This is a big moment for capitalism in democracies, especially Australia, which sits somewhere between the genuine version of the US and virtual socialism across big parts of Europe.

Delayed decisions can cost

Investors seem wary of a couple of WA stalwarts, with a lack of timely decision-making in a changing marketplace part of the problem.

Post at your own peril

OPINION: We love our kids, but oversharing online can have significant downsides.

Curveballs can be a positive

Western Australian Kate Leeming recently embarked on a cycling expedition through the Andes in South America, but the pandemic cut this short and she had to make a mad scramble to get out of Bolivia before the borders were shut. Here’s her story:

Mark my words podcast

PODCAST: Mark Pownall and Mark Beyer discuss the market update, Nev Power, Premier's inner circle, leisure sector, retail, mining challenges, Woodside, and our special report on the pandemic impact on WA.

Ripper says room for injections

The ‘rainy day’ has arrived, and a former WA treasurer is calling on the McGowan government to do more.

Tech, trust and discipline needed for home work

Some people find transitioning from an office environment to working from home difficult, but it needn’t be.

Green-light governments to pull the lever

OPINION: Finding a balance in terms of market intervention and social restrictions will test governments across the country at this time of crisis.

Mark my words podcast

PODCAST: Mark Pownall and Mark Beyer discuss the market overview in these dramatic times, government and industry policy responses, travel challenges, earning guidances, businesses taking on staff, Acciona and CPB Contractors going head to head, Cottesloe aged care and apartment project, and our special report on the ICT sector.

Mark my words podcast

PODCAST: Mark Pownall and Mark Beyer discuss market volatility and the coronavirus, stimulus package, Liza Harvey, private equity deals, our special report on Land Developers and Great for the State looks at how we can help those who are missing out on WA's good fortune.

The future of learning is personal

OPINION: Far from making teachers obsolete, personalised learning requires them to use their current skills while developing new ones.

The virus and an accidental tourist

OPINION: Clear, sensible thinking and strategising are essential, both on a personal level and in business, when responding to threats posed by the coronavirus.

Labor winds-back privatisation

OPINION: The McGowan government has made a big call to put jobs at a major Perth hospital on the public payroll.

Mark my words podcast

PODCAST: Dan Wilkie and Matt Mckenzie discuss the ongoing impacts of coronavirus, new economic data, positivity in property, a Liberal Party reshuffle, Andrew Forrest's investments, King Street exodus, the fashion festival, a Roy Hill contractor goes under, and a special report on junior miners.

Disruption challenge for tertiary education

The difficulties facing Australia’s tertiary education sector as a result of the COVID-19 coronavirus demonstrate a great deal about the industry and how it is struggling to cope with change.