Pressure on WA's dying bill

OPINION: Premier Mark McGowan, most Labor Party MPs, and many Liberals as well, are keen for the contentious voluntary assisted dying (VAD) legislation to be passed within the next fortnight, but for significantly different reasons.

Mark my words podcast

PODCAST: Mark Beyer and Mark Pownall discuss Invest and Trade WA, BHP CEO change, executive remuneration, Fini's Shenton Park project, Woodside's new tech partnership, our special report on fund managers and great for the state focuses on regional engagement

Mark my words podcast

PODCAST: Mark Beyer and Mark Pownall discuss ASX listings, including Danny Pavlovich's Nutrition Systems, Spudshed's growing profit, shopping centre developments, profit results for contractors Ertech and Georgiou, successful METS companies Hofmann Engineering and RCT, and our special report on the Innovator of the Year awards.

Exposure lifts lid on Chinese box

OPINION: China is developing even faster than some might realise, offering Aussie brands a big opportunity.

The power of money

OPINION: The investment opportunities offered by new energy models could change the debate over climate policy.

Labor resets, mines for votes

Labor has walked away from its planned major redistribution of income, and sought to clarify confusion over coal mining that cost it at the last federal poll.

Mark my words podcast

PODCAST: Mark Beyer and Mark Pownall discuss housing challenge, state stimulus, Primewest IPO, big mining royalties, lithium, tech incubator, and our special report on commercial property.

Compelling business case for school connections

OPINION: Businesses that place emphasis on corporate social responsibility, or CSR, are attracting a growing share of consumer goodwill and spending.

Mark my words podcast

PODCAST: Mark Beyer and Mark Pownall discuss stamp duty concessions, South Perth approvals, BGC's new boss, Karratha development, Kanopy entrepreneur, grain crop concerns, and our special report on environmental services.

Easy money comes at a cost

OPINION: As welcome as they are for borrowers, the current era of ultra-low interest rates is creating the climate for a financial crisis.

US intent clear in rare earth pact

OPINION: Australia is seeking to find a delicate balance in terms of trade with a major customer, China, and its strategic alliance with the US.

Mark my words podcast

PODCAST: Mark Beyer and Dan Wilkie discuss the Biome tourism project, Pilbara power, high rise in South Perth, Pindan, Santos, Woodside and big gas projects, cyber security, ICT infrastructure and philanthropy.

Getting it right on Rottnest

OPINION: The relevant authorities could do more to improve tourists’ experience of the island jewel off Perth’s coast.

Federal Labor out of step

OPINION: The Labor Party is struggling to embrace a common view of why it lost the 2019 federal election.

Tall poppies and gender imbalance

OPINION: Undermining successful co-workers is not unique to schools, but it goes some way to explaining the under-representation of women in leadership roles.

Many roads to failure

OPINION: Business sectors slow to recognise the need to shift gears in the face of technological change will struggle to survive.

Reality check needed on oil claims

ANALYSIS: Plans for oil exploration in the Canning Basin announced over the weekend may deliver good news for Western Australia, but some of the claims surrounding the latest drilling program are extravagant to say the least.

Mark my words podcast

PODCAST: Mark Beyer and Mark Pownall discuss Pindan, South Perth developments, big leadership changes, Alan Bond's mansion, tourism figures, Sealink expansion, and our biggest exporters.

The piper must be paid

OPINION: Sensible debate about the cost of progressive environmental policy is missing amid the noise from politicians and green activists.

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PODCAST: Mark Beyer and Matt Mckenzie discuss interest rates, volatile stock markets, our very own BN30 stock index, house prices, Mia Davies, flexible offices, lobsters, government contracting, and our special report on professional services.

Nickel-plated moment for leadership

OPINION: Nickel West’s turnaround story is one of corporate vision, teamwork, loyalty and a strategy to revive a business slated to perish.