Charlie Gunningham

As chief executive officer, Charlie manages the strategy and day-to-day operations at Business News. He has three decades of management experience, including 15 years of running e-businesses (his own start-up and then Charlie is a cofounder of eGroup, holds an MBA from UWA (where he graduated top of the Business School), and is a past 40under40 winner.

Passing Comment

I am sure many of us attend many awards shows these days, many functions, and I bet they can tend to rather blend into each other. Not the one I attended last Friday, the annual Wanneroo Business Association Awards.

CEO lunch with Terry Agnew

Business News sat down to lunch at Julio's with RAC head Terry Agnew to discuss his long career in the sector and the future of motoring.

App/tech business of the week ~ Fieldmagic from CRM Online

Fieldmagic is a job management, maintenance, quoting and CRM platform designed from the ground up with field services in mind. Built on a leading CRM platform, it comes with an ecosystem of add-ons and integrations.

CEO lunch with David Eaton

Business News sat down to lunch at Julio's with the small business commissioner, David Eaton.

App/tech business of the week ~ Famylia

Famylia is an online communications tool for co-parents, which aims to reduce conflict after a divorce or separation.

CEO lunch with Ray Wardrop

Business News sat down to lunch at Julio's with the experienced media executive, Ray Wardrop, managing director of Channel Nine Perth.

App/tech business of the week ~ FilteredHQ

FilteredHQ is an online subscriptions platform that tracks emerging technology, business models and global startups.

Tech players rue poor connection

There are plenty of people who want success for the local startup scene, but fewer seem willing to commit to fund it.

CEO lunch with Carolyn Chard

With WA Opera turning 50 this year, Business News sat down to lunch at Julio's with its general manager, Carolyn Chard.

App/tech business of the week ~ Formalytics

Formalytics enables soccer players with a smartphone to film their kicks and become better players through the feedback received. The technology allows users to master a knuckleball, dip ball, curl ball and penalty strike.

CEO lunch with Rod Jones

Co-founder/CEO of Navitas, Rod Jones, joined Business News at Julio's for a wide-ranging discussion on his personal journey and the future of education in Australia.

App/tech business of the week ~ Offpeak Games

Offpeak Games is a virtual reality (VR) games developer. It has released two VR games, Valiant, a medieval mounted combat multiplayer game, and Arcane, a fantasy wave shooter game.

CEO lunch with Ricky Burges

WA Local Government Association chief executive and former WA businesswoman of the year, Ricky Burges, joined Business News at Julio's in West Perth to discuss her professional journey and what lies ahead.

App/tech business of the week ~ Immersia

Immersia has been developing augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) products and services since 2014, particularly in the safety training, mining and property development sectors, as well as for concerts and marketing.

CEO lunch with Michael Stanford

Business News enjoyed lunch at Julio's with Michael Stanford, who heads one of WA's largest employers, St John of God Health Care.

App/tech business of the week ~ ImpRes People

ImpRes People is a cloud-based platform that connects businesses with operational and project talent.

CEO lunch with Scott Criddle

Business News sat down to lunch at Julio's with the CEO and managing director of Decmil Group, Scott Criddle, who says building relationships is an important part of his role.

App/tech business of the week ~ Cribber

Cribber Communication provides construction and mining work sites with their own mobile newsfeed.

App of the week- Wipo

Wipo is an online platform of home cleaners, which allows users to book a police-checked and insured professional cleaner (called SpotHeros) to clean their home or office.

CEO lunch with Jennifer Lawrence

Brightwater Care Group CEO Jennifer Lawrence joined Business News for lunch at Julio's to discuss some of the challenges facing the aged care and disability services sectors.

Safety Culture wins 2016 OzApp Awards

Now in its sixth year, the annual OzApp Awards concluded last night announcing the 2016 winner as Townsville-based Safety Culture, selected from five grand finalists which included Perth-based Formalytics, Melbourne's Law Advisor and Reword, and Shippit (Sydney). 

CEO lunch with Christina Matthews

With the cricket season upon us, Business News sat down to lunch at Julio's with the former Australian cricketer and CEO of the WACA, Christina Matthews.

App/tech business of the week ~ MyLeadPod

MyLeadPod is a fully automated digital platform that allows businesses to establish their own customer reward program in order to encourage referrals.

CEO lunch with Mike Young

Business News sat down to lunch at Julio's with the CEO of local uranium developer Vimy Resources.

App/tech business of the week ~ Yabble

A brand new service for parents to find and book kids activities online, and for activity providers to fill their classes.

CEO lunch with Dale Alcock

Business News sat down to lunch at Julio's with one of WA's most successful homebuilders, Dale Alcock, who says a bipartisan political commitment is needed to drive investment and growth in the state.

App/tech business of the week ~ Feedmee

Feedmee is a food discovery app, the 'Tinder for food'. Users swipe through photos of food until they find what they want.

CEO lunch with Gary McGrath

Business News sat down to lunch at Julio's with Gary McGrath, the well-travelled GM of corporate banking at the Commonwealth Bank.

App/tech business of the week ~ Mondoz

The Uber of home cooked food, Mondoz is a platform that connects people to homemade cuisine.

CEO lunch with Tracey Horton

Educated in Rockingham, Vancouver and at UWA, and with a corporate career stretching between San Francisco and WA, Tracey Horton has some interesting perspectives on business and academia, as Business News discovered over lunch at Julio's in West Perth.

App/tech business of the week ~ PayNow for Stripe

PayNow for Stripe is a minimalist point-of-sales app, allowing users to accept credit card payments quickly on any mobile device. NFC is used to enable PayPass payments without any need for a swipe card reader.

App/tech business of the week ~ Wholesale Exchange

Wholesale Exchange is an online marketplace for the WA wholesale vehicle industry.


Charlie Gunningham's Picks


CONTAGIOUS by Jonah Berger (also available as an audio book on I recommend it highly. Why do some things catch on (like iPhone 6) and others don't (Microsoft tried tablets in the 1980s and gave up)? If it sounds similar to Malcolm Gladwell's Tipping Point (another must read) and Made to Stick (also very good) then it is, Berger tips his hat to these 2 publications, but goes further adding his extensive research findings to explain WHY things catch on and are spoken about. It's all about STEPPS (a pneomonic for the 6 characteristics of things that are shared). Read the book to find out what 'STEPPS' are...


Albert Einstein is widely credited with saying

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.

It really doesn't matter that there's absolutely no evidence that Einstein actually made this statement; it's still a great quotation.

If you want a different result, mix it up, try something new. Don't keep doing the same old, same old. And ban the answer "... 'Cos we've always done it like that!" in response to the question "Why do we do this?"


App/tech business of the week – DrawHistory

A digital technology communications agency with a social impact focus, DrawHistory is a startup based at the new BloomLab co-working space in Crawley.

Well-funded foreign firms a digital disruption

Australia is at significant risk of a digital 'invasion' by overseas tech companies keen to disrupt the economic status quo.

Sink or swim for startups when the sharks are circling

Two local entrepreneurs have had contrasting experiences appearing on Channel 10's recently concluded Shark Tank, a reality TV show in which budding entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to a panel of potential investors.

App/tech business of the week ~ Cribber

Cribber Communication provides construction and mining work sites with their own mobile newsfeed.

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Budget slashes start-up support

It's a case of 'where to now?' for the start-up sector after funding cuts in this month's federal budget.

Innovation Summit aims to get beyond base camp

At yesterday's WA Innovation Summit, put together for new Innovation Minister Bill Marmion, 250 invited guests came up with plans on how best to spend the newly allocated $20 million of innovation funds. 

Start-ups seek options on tax

With stock options being taxed immediately, start-ups are being held back.

Investors bank on startup wins

Perth's tech network has grown significantly during the past three years; what it needs next are some success stories.