Charlie Gunningham

Charlie Gunningham is the former chief executive of Business News. Originally an Economics teacher from the UK, Charlie taught in Singapore prior to landing in Perth in 1997, whereupon he did an MBA at UWA Business School, graduating as top student in 1999. Later that same year he set up, an online real estate business, which was sold to REIWA in 2010. He ran for 3 years before joining Business News as GM of Digital in 2013. Charlie is a cofounder of eGroup and a past 40under40 winner (2003).

App'll do the Tiinkking for you

A Perth start-up has developed an app to aid in decision making.

Calico the right fit for iGeneration

A Perth start-up was taken by surprise when Google appropriated its name to launch a new business venture.

In this case, flip your thinking

Being essentially nerdy, I have always loved those lateral thinking puzzles, whose answers seem obvious when explained, but frustratingly hard otherwise.

Making ‘reality’ app(ear) on cue

A local start-up is using ‘augmented reality’ to showcase property developments.

Business angels aim to do good, and do well

The start-up sector is hot right now, so where are the business angels?

Google eyes next-gen tech specs

The scramble to catch up with the current shift to mobile may be surpassed by a new focus on wearable technology.

What’s next? Six-minute apps?

These days it seems online businesses are formed, get bought quickly, or pivot into something else.

Heavy hitters exert Klout online

Finding influential people online is the ‘new marketing’.

Social media for reflection, not connection

The heart of building an online social community is to recognise the 'showcasing' potential of the medium.

What future for traditional websites?

The evolution of mobile technology has been so rapid that the web may be left behind.

Perth sets pace with start-ups

Perth ‘hackers’ have justified the city’s growing reputation as a host for start-ups, walking away with a swag of prizes at a national competition aimed at mining government data for the people.

Passion plays its part

IT has been fun, a humbling experience and also a privilege being involved in the FBA Family Business Awards for the past three years. Running a (very small) business myself, I tip my hat to the dedication and impressive results these businesses have been



Charlie Gunningham's Picks


CONTAGIOUS by Jonah Berger (also available as an audio book on I recommend it highly. Why do some things catch on (like iPhone 6) and others don't (Microsoft tried tablets in the 1980s and gave up)? If it sounds similar to Malcolm Gladwell's Tipping Point (another must read) and Made to Stick (also very good) then it is, Berger tips his hat to these 2 publications, but goes further adding his extensive research findings to explain WHY things catch on and are spoken about. It's all about STEPPS (a pneomonic for the 6 characteristics of things that are shared). Read the book to find out what 'STEPPS' are...


Albert Einstein is widely credited with saying

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.

It really doesn't matter that there's absolutely no evidence that Einstein actually made this statement; it's still a great quotation.

If you want a different result, mix it up, try something new. Don't keep doing the same old, same old. And ban the answer "... 'Cos we've always done it like that!" in response to the question "Why do we do this?"


App/tech business of the week – DrawHistory

A digital technology communications agency with a social impact focus, DrawHistory is a startup based at the new BloomLab co-working space in Crawley.

Cutting-edge tech project launched in Perth

An innovative project involving government agencies and private players has the potential to streamline and coordinate public works projects, reducing traffic congestion and saving costs, according to its proponents.

Well-funded foreign firms a digital disruption

Australia is at significant risk of a digital ‘invasion’ by overseas tech companies keen to disrupt the economic status quo.

CEO lunch with Bronwyn Barnes

Business News sat down to lunch at Julio’s with mining director Bronwyn Barnes.

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Budget slashes start-up support

It's a case of 'where to now?' for the start-up sector after funding cuts in this month's federal budget.

Innovation Summit aims to get beyond base camp

At yesterday's WA Innovation Summit, put together for new Innovation Minister Bill Marmion, 250 invited guests came up with plans on how best to spend the newly allocated $20 million of innovation funds. 

Start-ups seek options on tax

With stock options being taxed immediately, start-ups are being held back.

Investors bank on startup wins

Perth’s tech network has grown significantly during the past three years; what it needs next are some success stories.