Charlie Gunningham

Charlie Gunningham is the former chief executive of Business News. Originally an Economics teacher from the UK, Charlie taught in Singapore prior to landing in Perth in 1997, whereupon he did an MBA at UWA Business School, graduating as top student in 1999. Later that same year he set up, an online real estate business, which was sold to REIWA in 2010. He ran for 3 years before joining Business News as GM of Digital in 2013. Charlie is a cofounder of eGroup and a past 40under40 winner (2003).

App/tech business of the week – Parkhound

The Parkhound service puts those with car parking space to rent out in touch with those looking for space to rent. The site and app allows drivers to compare off-street residential and commercial parking, and also in a world first, street parking options.

App/tech business of the week – Snaptch

The Snaptch app allows models and other creative professionals to showcase their portfolio and social media presence to the industry.

App/tech business of the week – Mineler

Mineler aims to become the global platform for mining people to bid for work and supply contracts, connect with colleagues and share industry knowledge. Members create their own mining industry-specific CV, which is targeted to companies in their field and showcases their on-site experience. Users can then place bids for work contracts on mining projects.

App/tech business of the week – eKarma

eKarma is a social enterprise e-commerce platform enabling buyers not only to secure deals and discounts, but also donate to their favourite charity. eKarma gives away 50 per cent of its commissions to the charity selected by the shopper. eKarma’s mission is to raise funds for charities through ‘conscious consumerism’.

App/tech business of the week – Cycle My City

A cycle-tracking website and app with management and coordination tools. Find like-minded cyclists, routes, and track your own performance on leader boards. Cycle stores can use it as a community hub to engage their local customers.

Versatility Sealz the deal

Western Australian startup Sealz has patented an innovation that converts sunglasses into sealed goggles at the click of a button.

App/tech business of the week – 6Q

6Q is designed to boost company culture, improve communications and productivity through an easy to use web app.

App/tech business of the week – Wellbeing Awareness & Assessment

A scenario-based interactive tool that provides ongoing insight into employees’ mental health and wellbeing.

App/tech business of the week – Friendly Phonics

An iPad app that helps children (or people with learning difficulties) to read. Friendly Phonics is a unique concept around correctly drawing letters and revealing exclusive, hand-painted artwork. The encouragement of repetition is the key to how it works.

Well-funded foreign firms a digital disruption

Australia is at significant risk of a digital ‘invasion’ by overseas tech companies keen to disrupt the economic status quo.

App/tech business of the week – Snappy Recruit

An employer-employee matchmaking system. Snappy Recruit connects businesses that have vacancies directly with jobseekers experienced in the sector; the process of getting a job vacancy directly to the right people can take less than 30 minutes.

Getting it right at the pointy end

While most business owners understand the need for great customer service, unfortunately not all can deliver on their promise.

App/tech business of the week – iRentWA

An app for property tenants, allowing users to check their rights and responsibilities, upload photos of the tenancy and set reminders among other features.

App/tech business of the week – myBuildings Check In

Reducing the effort and frustration of contractors attending a site, while mitigating risk.

App/tech business of the week – Easy Trace

Take a photo of your receipt via the app or send a digital receipt via email. It is then uploaded and recorded in your cloud inbox. Bookkeepers and accountants can then view and verify the details and publish it to MYOB or Xero. The solution also offers a white label option for corporate clients and financial institutes.

App/tech business of the week – Dressed

‘Dressed’ is a virtual wardrobe app for the iPhone. It allows fashion lovers to plan outfits and experiment with new looks by mixing and matching clothing, shoes, and accessories from their own wardrobe.

App/tech business of the week – Property My Way

An online property management software designed specifically for private landlords. The PropertyMyWay team can also assist with property sales, property inspections, advertising properties for rent and tenant screening.

App/tech business of the week – Centric Scio

Based in Canada with a local office in Subiaco, the technology provides online analytics and dashboards that assist productivity, output and profits. The information is also available on mobile devices.

App/tech business of the week – Kojai

A new social media app that pins your posts on to a map using live GPS.

Real life angels sent in to help

If you wanted to invest in a startup, where would you begin?

App/tech business of the week – SHNEEBS

A mobile app that allows people to search, share or swap items and services with their neighbours.

Virtual vault protects real money

Increasingly sophisticated hacking techniques are a threat not only to private data stored on home computers and mobile devices, but business bank accounts as well.

App/tech business of the week - Cheersy

What is it?         Cheersy gives the food and drink industry a communication channel to potential customers by providing breakfast, lunch, dinner and drink specials at Perth venues.

Just log in to Saybubble ’n ‘speak’

A local tech startup is planning to be the next big thing in social media.

App/tech business of the week – HARDHAT BOOKKEEPER

Cloud-based web/phone application designed for Australian individuals and businesses to record their work-related income and expenses, on the go, in three easy steps.

App/tech business of the week – SEQTA

SEQTA software enables schools to manage attendance, student welfare, lesson planning, marking and reporting.

App/tech business of the week – GeoMoby

“Send smarter, contextualised location-based messages to your users today”.

App/tech business of the week – STORYBOOK SHOP

A website that enables the user to digitally create a personalised story book as a gift for a child based on the child's specific interests.

Compact Zellabox keeps vital data close to home

A WA computer manufacturing business has been shortlisted in an international energy saving competition.

App/tech business of the week – ETERNAL EVE

Mobile app for women to find quality providers of beauty, health and wellness services via their private “girlfriend network”.

App/tech business of the week – VIRTUALIIS

A 3-D marketing tool. An architectural plan or model of a development ‘jumps’ off the printed page when viewed through the Virtualiis app.



Charlie Gunningham's Picks


CONTAGIOUS by Jonah Berger (also available as an audio book on I recommend it highly. Why do some things catch on (like iPhone 6) and others don't (Microsoft tried tablets in the 1980s and gave up)? If it sounds similar to Malcolm Gladwell's Tipping Point (another must read) and Made to Stick (also very good) then it is, Berger tips his hat to these 2 publications, but goes further adding his extensive research findings to explain WHY things catch on and are spoken about. It's all about STEPPS (a pneomonic for the 6 characteristics of things that are shared). Read the book to find out what 'STEPPS' are...


Albert Einstein is widely credited with saying

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.

It really doesn't matter that there's absolutely no evidence that Einstein actually made this statement; it's still a great quotation.

If you want a different result, mix it up, try something new. Don't keep doing the same old, same old. And ban the answer "... 'Cos we've always done it like that!" in response to the question "Why do we do this?"


App/tech business of the week – DrawHistory

A digital technology communications agency with a social impact focus, DrawHistory is a startup based at the new BloomLab co-working space in Crawley.

Cutting-edge tech project launched in Perth

An innovative project involving government agencies and private players has the potential to streamline and coordinate public works projects, reducing traffic congestion and saving costs, according to its proponents.

Well-funded foreign firms a digital disruption

Australia is at significant risk of a digital ‘invasion’ by overseas tech companies keen to disrupt the economic status quo.

CEO lunch with Bronwyn Barnes

Business News sat down to lunch at Julio’s with mining director Bronwyn Barnes.

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Budget slashes start-up support

It's a case of 'where to now?' for the start-up sector after funding cuts in this month's federal budget.

Innovation Summit aims to get beyond base camp

At yesterday's WA Innovation Summit, put together for new Innovation Minister Bill Marmion, 250 invited guests came up with plans on how best to spend the newly allocated $20 million of innovation funds. 

Start-ups seek options on tax

With stock options being taxed immediately, start-ups are being held back.

Investors bank on startup wins

Perth’s tech network has grown significantly during the past three years; what it needs next are some success stories.