Charlie Gunningham

Charlie Gunningham is the former chief executive of Business News. Originally an Economics teacher from the UK, Charlie taught in Singapore prior to landing in Perth in 1997, whereupon he did an MBA at UWA Business School, graduating as top student in 1999. Later that same year he set up, an online real estate business, which was sold to REIWA in 2010. He ran for 3 years before joining Business News as GM of Digital in 2013. Charlie is a cofounder of eGroup and a past 40under40 winner (2003).

App/tech business of the week ~ is an online marketplace for all things mining – tenements, commodities, equipment, consumables and services.

App/tech business of the week ~ PrevYou

PrevYou is a web-based platform that matches businesses with students for paid project/freelance-based work and internships.

App/tech business of the week ~ Storekat

Storekat is an online aggregator of storage facilities, connecting self-storage providers with self-storage customers.

Startups need investors’ ‘bread’

Legend has it the wife of King Louis XVI of France, Marie Antoinette, said, ‘let them eat cake’ on hearing the starving peasants were in revolt against bread shortages.

App/Tech business of the week ~ Silverhorse Technologies

Silverhorse Technologies develops systems to manage the completions process for large infrastructure assets.

Politicians have Klout online

SPECIAL REPORT: Business News CEO and online entrepreneur, Charlie Gunningham, analyses the social media influence of the political and business elite. 

App/Tech business of the week ~ Summer Bees

Summer Bees is a wholly online shop for authentic high-end Brazilian swimwear, tailored to all ages, shapes and sizes, and was launched in Perth in January 2016.

Make the call for lasting change

Best-selling leadership coach and author Marshall Goldsmith was in Perth this week, and his advice was simple yet challenging.

App/Tech business of the week ~ Uproov

An app that uses blockchain technology to ensure photos, videos and audio recordings are never altered, and remain in their original state.

App/Tech business of the week ~ Team Ahoy

TeamAhoy is a web-based project management tool providing managers with a new way to keep up-to-date with everything that's happening in their team. 

App/Tech business of the week ~ Sciosity

Tailored virtual reality (VR) simulations for training or academic courses. The trainee or student can experience situations that would be impractical to achieve otherwise in a classroom environment.

App/Tech business of the week ~ AccessVIP

A fully customised e-commerce platform, AccessVIP provides customers with pay-as-you-go services that aim to make the nightlife and restaurant scene around Australia more enjoyable.

An overview of BNiQ

Watch Business News CEO Charlie Gunningham's webinar on how to use the BNiQ search engine.

App/Tech business of the week ~ PlantMiner is Australia’s largest construction marketplace for acquiring plant, equipment and subcontractors.

App/Tech business of the week - KodaChat

KodaChat is a supervised chat application that makes social media safer for children.

Call for big lift in digital investment

WA needs to get behind its early stage tech sector or risk losing 25 per cent of state GDP.

App/Tech business of the week - Techboard

Techboard provides Perth tech startups with their own ‘ASX-style’ announcements platform.

Analysis: Some relief for startup angels

The announcement of a $1.1 billion ‘ideas boom’ innovation package yesterday was well timed for Western Australia’s startup sector, representatives from which had gathered at the Perth Town Hall for the annual West Tech conference and OzAPP Awards.

App/Tech business of the week ~ oneVR

Working with BGC Development, oneVR has successfully developed a ‘virtual property tour’ mobile application

App/tech business of the week - Tuggle

Tuggle is a website that allows shoppers to search online and offline shops in one place.

App/tech business of the week - Covocate

Covocate provides algorithm-based candidate screening services for companies seeking to hire new staff.

App/tech business of the week - eebudee

A closed social media platform for families with children aged up to 12 years.

App/tech business of the week - Tiing

An app that provides businesses (real estate, cars, finance, retail) with short alphanumeric codes, or ‘tiings’, for their display advertising.

HealthHack – ailments, remedies in equal doses

Get a few dozen programmers and health practitioners together for a three-day weekend starting Friday, throw some problems at them, then tell them to come up with solutions by Sunday afternoon.

App/tech business of the week - Street Oracle

An app that allows users to set up personalised feeds for ASX news, delivering real-time and searchable company announcements, price and volume alerts, and market information to any recent Android or Apple mobile device in a timeline-based context.

TEDxPerth – an eclectic menu of brain food

No-one need be disappointed when TEDx comes to town next month, despite tickets for this year’s event selling out within hours of their release.

App/tech business of the week - MyGuru

MyGuru provides an online marketplace and platform that links tutors who have recently excelled in a course with students currently taking that course.

Summit seeking outcomes for 2030

Australia was named the 13th most innovative country in Bloomberg’s Innovation Index 2015, but what will it take for Australia to climb to the number one position in the next 15 years?

App/tech business of the week – Prezentt

A web app that helps presenters and trainers connect better with their audiences.

App/tech business of the week – DrawHistory

A digital technology communications agency with a social impact focus, DrawHistory is a startup based at the new BloomLab co-working space in Crawley.

App/tech business of the week – Docmosis

Docmosis is a document generation engine used by companies building software applications.



Charlie Gunningham's Picks


CONTAGIOUS by Jonah Berger (also available as an audio book on I recommend it highly. Why do some things catch on (like iPhone 6) and others don't (Microsoft tried tablets in the 1980s and gave up)? If it sounds similar to Malcolm Gladwell's Tipping Point (another must read) and Made to Stick (also very good) then it is, Berger tips his hat to these 2 publications, but goes further adding his extensive research findings to explain WHY things catch on and are spoken about. It's all about STEPPS (a pneomonic for the 6 characteristics of things that are shared). Read the book to find out what 'STEPPS' are...


Albert Einstein is widely credited with saying

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.

It really doesn't matter that there's absolutely no evidence that Einstein actually made this statement; it's still a great quotation.

If you want a different result, mix it up, try something new. Don't keep doing the same old, same old. And ban the answer "... 'Cos we've always done it like that!" in response to the question "Why do we do this?"


App/tech business of the week – DrawHistory

A digital technology communications agency with a social impact focus, DrawHistory is a startup based at the new BloomLab co-working space in Crawley.

Cutting-edge tech project launched in Perth

An innovative project involving government agencies and private players has the potential to streamline and coordinate public works projects, reducing traffic congestion and saving costs, according to its proponents.

Well-funded foreign firms a digital disruption

Australia is at significant risk of a digital ‘invasion’ by overseas tech companies keen to disrupt the economic status quo.

CEO lunch with Bronwyn Barnes

Business News sat down to lunch at Julio’s with mining director Bronwyn Barnes.

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Budget slashes start-up support

It's a case of 'where to now?' for the start-up sector after funding cuts in this month's federal budget.

Innovation Summit aims to get beyond base camp

At yesterday's WA Innovation Summit, put together for new Innovation Minister Bill Marmion, 250 invited guests came up with plans on how best to spend the newly allocated $20 million of innovation funds. 

Start-ups seek options on tax

With stock options being taxed immediately, start-ups are being held back.

Investors bank on startup wins

Perth’s tech network has grown significantly during the past three years; what it needs next are some success stories.