Cribber founders Mike Watson and Jasmin Ward are seeking about $150,000 from angel investors this year. Photo: Attila Csaszar

App/tech business of the week ~ Cribber

What? ~ Cribber Communication provides construction and mining work sites with their own mobile newsfeed.

This serves as a direct line between all employees, contractors, stakeholders and visitors. Managers can push information out to hundreds or thousands of people in an instant via their smartphones, and receive feedback or engagement. By monitoring trends, they can improve their communication and gauge overall sentiment.



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Startup Launch Date

22nd-PayNow for Stripe06 Jul 2016
23rd-Instatruck10 Jun 2016
24th-Cribber03 Jun 2016
25th-QuizJam16 May 2016
26th-Power Ledger15 May 2016
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