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Great for the State – Edition 6: Values & Purpose

Great for the State – Edition 6: Values & Purpose

27 August 2019

We’re taking a close look at how our biggest businesses operate with values and purpose for the good of Western Australia.

Authenticity an opportunity for business success
Pursuit of purpose key to Wesfarmers rise
Main Roads committed to indigenous impacts
Miners embrace challenge of social licence
Small business and franchises

Small business and franchises

26 August 2019

Business closures around the city have increased drastically in recent years, with the slowing economy and high rents two major concerns. Plus, franchising may be under constant scrutiny but we explore how WA entrepreneurs are using the model.

Retail, hospitality hit by rents, slow spending
Reward for effort despite looming franchise regs
Great for the State – Edition 5: Disruption

Great for the State – Edition 5: Disruption

30 July 2019

In this edition, we’re painting a picture of how disruptive technology can change our state for the better.
- How can images of your eye help prevent disease?
- Are driving, petrol and car ownership meeting an end?

Innovation revolution for disease, disability
Seven WA disruptions, then and now
Disruption in motion
Blue sky opportunities
Infrastructure 2019

Infrastructure 2019

29 July 2019

Unprecedented transport infrastructure spending and an uptick in mining investment have boosted confidence, but civil contractors are facing new labour and capacity challenges as the market rebounds.

Contracting  concerns as workflow expands
Economics, environment weigh on Westport


22 July 2019

Air travel in Western Australia has started to recover from an extended slump. This Special Report has data on all WA’s major airports, and details on an innovative inter-regional service coming to the state’s north.

Regional aviation on the rise
Aviair flies in with regional routes
Apartment developers 2019

Apartment developers 2019

15 July 2019

Heightened levels of competition are driving a design renaissance in Perth’s apartment market, as the city’s top developers stake their claim to market segments by establishing a point of difference through innovation and experimentation.

Design, innovation top priorities list
Canning Bridge an apartment hotspot
Great for the State – Edition 4: Indigenous Development

Great for the State – Edition 4: Indigenous Development

02 July 2019

In the fourth edition of Great for the State, we analyse the impact of Reconciliation Action Plans, report on four charities targeting Aboriginal youth development, and profile six prominent Aboriginal leaders:
- Business entrepreneur Barry McGuire

RAPs elevate words into tangible deeds
Milroy maintains fight  for Australia’s children
McGuire  business in  the bloodline
Wyatt’s old wounds still scarred
Indigenous Business

Indigenous Business

01 July 2019

  • We analyse Aboriginal procurement programs run by the federal and state governments
  • Talk to IPS Management Consultants and the Noongar Chamber of Commerce
  • Provide the latest news on contracts won by indigenous businesses
  • Update our BNiQ lists of WA's largest indige

Indigenous business thrives on opportunity
Contracts play practical role for community
Rising Stars 2019

Rising Stars 2019

26 June 2019

Masters & Co leads talented cohort of fast-growing businesses

Masters a study in service
Lithium growth sparks MSP
Magellan sets out long-term goals
Teck Global solution powers growth


17 June 2019

WA businesses are positioning themselves to participate in the national shipbuilding supply chain and longer term, have a strong chance to create a sustainment hub in Perth.

Our feature highlights:

WA defence sector aims to build on contract wins
Blacktree broadcasts from Belmont to Britain and places in between
Matrix the one for neo-materials
Local defence ecosystem  grows business
Great for the State - Edition 3: Health & Wellbeing

Great for the State - Edition 3: Health & Wellbeing

04 June 2019

Our Health and Wellness edition highlights how Western Australia is evolving into a world-leading jurisdiction in medical research, pushing the boundaries of science and innovation in a quest for better health.

Medical marvels delivering outcomes
Investments in medical tech to pay healthy dividends
Healthway, Lotterywest lead drive for better health
West best for mass fundraising fun
Mining projects 2019

Mining projects 2019

20 May 2019

High-level iron ore, lithium and gold projects set pace for more than 50 developments in fresh commodities boom. WA finds itself in the centre of a new, agribusiness-driven, mining race.

$21bn pours into WA’s top 10 mining projects
Iron ore juniors back in game
Potash players primed for slice of growing market
Universities 2019

Universities 2019

13 May 2019

Widespread government reviews are causing a headache for Western Australia’s major universities, but higher promotional funding and a lift in the state’s share of new international students are encouraging signs.

Unis battle funding cuts, government uncertainty
WA poised for more international students
Construction 2019

Construction 2019

02 May 2019

Our annual Construction review looks at how building companies are coping with the sector’s sharp downturn. We rank the top construction companies and analyse the ‘security of payment’ issue.

Contractors position for market rebound
Sharper focus on shielding subbies
Perth's largest construction jobs
Giving Well 2019

Giving Well 2019

24 April 2019

Some of Perth’s most affluent families have increased their philanthropic activity. We rank the state's largest philanthropic foundations and charities, and talk to Kerry Harmanis, George Jones, Jim Litis and others about their giving.

Family legacy givers lead way with more
Harmanis has mindful plan to help
Personal stories underpin long-term support
Agribusiness 2019

Agribusiness 2019

08 April 2019

CBH Group and Seafarms Group are working on major investments to create scale and efficiency, while smaller agribusinesses are cooperating to access new markets with niche products. In the south west, about $100 million of timber projects are under consideration.

Infrastructure investment, marketing to grow agribusiness
Collaborating to harvest forests’ value