CUT: A Productivity Commission draft report has proposed a reduction in the copyright protection period from 70 years to 15. Photo: Stockphoto

Blunt business threat to Australia’s creative legacy

A Productivity Commission report, and moves by giant international tech companies, could bring significant changes to Australia’s copyright laws, and we all stand to lose.


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cooloola cove QLD
Yet more evidence that the world is now rooted. google are nothing but thieves. Stealing other peoples work so they and only they can make money out of it. Time to remove Google from my life....

I don't see too many artists living the high life, and you want to rob them of copyright after 15 years. How about we limit politicians pensions to 15 years. Morons. This government is unbelievable the way they bow to the money of huge corporations. End creativity, the new innovation program.

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