RE-EXPLAIN: Pauline Hanson’s re-emergence on to the federal political scene is a challenge for the major parties, and the media.

Failure to engage makes for risky business

Political and business leaders need to make clear, rational arguments to counter the more extreme claims from those who feel disenfranchised.

WHEN politicians talk about sovereign risk, it’s only ever in connection to foreign bids for Australian businesses.


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I don't know how to break this to you. I'm not racist at heart. I have friends from every back ground imaginable. I'm a bricklayer and on weekends a factory worker. Maybe that's why I have a different perspective to you. I'm not against immigrants but by all means let me leave I'll go to the uk. My ancestors were forced here, in chains forced to build this nation on stolen ground so that the immigrants today can come here and tell me it's my fault for "what happened to the aboriginals". I laughed at them and had to explain it was the elite British minority who Forced Anglo celts to build everything. They don't get theirs different white people. They see us as all the same. You tell an Irishman they're the same as English. Now for the next bit. They don't want to assimilate. They think we're racist because people in the media like you go on about OUR past when mine and you past are completely different. They also know that whites are becoming a minority. There words not mine. And you left leaning people also don't get and believe me "they get " that your all for immigration and asylum but the countries they're from are conservative and Islamic. When there's more of them they'll write the laws. They also get your for gay marriage but they're not so there biding there time. You let them in but they don't support your ideals. I wish you went undercover in a factory to see the real world. You know that place you let asylum seekers work because they have no skills and can displace local jobs.

Sorry, the Ausgrid issue is a matter of national security. Not an issue of financial profit and capital. you need to get your head out of the sand.

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