PRIORITIES: Health insurers offer extras such as gym memberships, but seem averse to providing cover when it’s most needed. Photo: Stockphoto

Hospital bed not the place to find out your cover’s lacking

Health insurers have been playing us for suckers for too long.


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South Yarra
I believe the health insurers deliberately mislead their subscribers on claims to increase profits, especially with "the gap". A political person who put forward a proposition for bronze, silver and gold medical plans was immediately "dumped on" by the insurers, eg Medibank and BUPA. This plan simplified most of the insurers thousands of medical schemes to the benefit of us, the paying public. I immediately thought if this scheme, Bronze, Silver and Gold was knocked back from the likes of Medibank, BUPA, there MUST be some merit in it. I also believe this scheme will make "extras' easier to understand eg dental and optical. John Lansell

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