Joseph Poprzeczny

Joseph Poprzeczny has taught politics, economic history and history at three Australian universities and been a researcher/personal assistant to three federal parliamentarians. He has over 30-years experience as a politics and education reporter and columnist and served as research director of Perth Chamber of Commerce. His biography of the 20th century’s major genocidal killer, Hitler’s Man in the East, Odilo Globocnik, was released in the US in 2004 and republished by the Czech Academy of Sciences in 2009.

Recent articles

Turnbull’s city-centric transport plan

The Nationals may have corralled Malcolm Turnbull on some of his pet issues, but the new PM has a clear infrastructure agenda.

Collaborative regional focus for WA research hub

A new Perth-based think tank will have a vital research role to play in the Indian Ocean region.

Nationals wary of ‘Whitlamite’ Turnbull

A strong win at the next election will strengthen the new PM's hand in relations with his coalition partners.

Republican hopefuls look to trump ‘The Donald’

Donald Trump may be the early frontrunner, but only time will tell whether his appeal with Republican voters can be sustained.

Beazley praises our significant other

China may be top of mind for many businesses, but US investment here speaks volumes about the depth of Washington's relationship with Australia.

Let the soul searching begin

The Abbott government needs to acknowledge its mistakes if it is to mount a comeback in the polls, and win the 2016 election.

Old-school political warrior

A new biography highlights the importance of Bob Santamaria to the Australian political landscape.

People’s voice deserves to be heard

I met my first left-wingers not long after I'd left the bush to attend university in Perth. The experience was much as I'd been told to expect.

Political ‘animals’ the most equal of all

Tony Abbott has promised a root and branch overhaul of politicians' travel entitlements; let's hope he is true to his word.

Lack of leadership on entitlements

The Abbott government has been hurt by a failure to take a stand on politicians' entitlements.

Helicopter view of the black book

The Bishop expenses scandal is a clear example of how out of touch the political class is with everyday Australians.

Tough atop the political tree

Politics is a ruthless business, where poor performers are quickly found out and (more often than not) moved on.



Rio Tinto$26.71bn
BHP Billiton Iron Ore$24.30bn
North West Shelf Venture$19.62bn
Fortescue Metals Group$12.48bn
Woodside Petroleum$6.09bn
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