Joseph Poprzeczny

Joseph Poprzeczny has taught politics, economic history and history at three Australian universities and been a researcher/personal assistant to three federal parliamentarians. He has over 30-years experience as a politics and education reporter and columnist and served as research director of Perth Chamber of Commerce. His biography of the 20th century’s major genocidal killer, Hitler’s Man in the East, Odilo Globocnik, was released in the US in 2004 and republished by the Czech Academy of Sciences in 2009.

Secrecy shrouds fuel failure

NSW motoring group study supports suppressed government report on fuel self-sufficiency.

Is today's Labor relevant?

We can expect the battle for the soul of the Labor Party to be waged furiously after what seems like an inevitable election loss in September.

Gillard going for a record five in five

The prime minister is in a class of her own for several reasons ... not many of them positive.

Battle for hearts and minds renewed

The ascension of Argentinean Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio to the papacy could turn politics in South America on its head.

Not much left in the kitty for tough times

The comfortable margin at last week’s state election would have surprised some Liberal insiders.

Concern as China expands its horizons

China’s actions in the South China Sea have raised regional tensions, and should be closely watched.

O’Connor’s quiet role in building the state

Ray O’Connor’s role in helping Ric New develop the state’s residential building sector is probably the least known of his many ‘achievements’.

Labor’s gone past the point of no return

Federal Labor’s faction leaders need to think carefully before choosing the party’s new leader after what’s likely to be a devastating result in the September poll.

Hunger a threat to Egyptian stability

The Arab Spring hasn’t unfolded the way many in the West would have wanted, with famine now a real possibility in Egypt.

Negatives piling up for Gillard’s Labor

Julia Gillard may be busy running the country, dealing with ministerial resignations and the ongoing fallout from the Craig Thompson scandal, but speculation about what she knew of the Bruce Wilson/AWU ‘slush fund’ won’t go away.

‘Free market’ breeding inequity in China

The business dealings of China’s political elite and their offspring are shrouded in secrecy, but there’s no doubt about how lucrative those deals have been for the chosen few.

Bills a long shot to bring true democracy

Lone DLP Senator John Madigan plans to introduce two bills to parliament that, if adopted, would transform Australian politics.

Taxpayers always carry can for profligacy

Financial crises in the US and Europe have done little to slow the enthusiasm for big spending of the federal Labor government and that of Colin Barnett.

Lobbyists’ register still on ground floor

In 2010 Colin Barnett conceded he had failed to deliver on a 2008 pre-election promise to ‘‘legislate for a proper register to monitor the activities of political lobbyists”. Now, as the state election approaches, nothing has changed.

Muted response to calls for Labor overhaul

Factions aren’t at the heart of Labor’s problem but rather the failure to allow for dissenting votes.

Questions over press gallery’s objectivity

Are Australian journalists too chummy with politicians to go hard at the big stories?

‘Ruddbull’ puts on a show for the cameras

It’s often said that politics is theatre, but it seems two recent party leaders have missed their true calling.

Labor labours after bastardry to Bomber

Labor would have avoided a lot of political turmoil if it had, not once, but twice rejected Kim Beazley.

Kelly saw big picture in free-trade fight

Perth writer Hal Colebatch has released a biography of one of Australian politics’ great change agents.

Little dignity in sycophantic Sino stance

Political and humanitarian principles should not be forgotten when doing business with China.

Controlled media a step down wrong path

Labor seems determined to introduce greater media regulation, but it wouldn’t last long if the coalition comes to power in 2013.

Leftists show true colours with press push

A free press is a cornerstone of all true democracies, which is why the proposed News Media Council is a backward step.

Power politics too tough for government

The federal government has some work to do if Australia is to meet its 2020 emissions and renewables targets.

Change the only constant in state of flux

It’s all-go up north as the resources boom drives growth, but how’s the rest of the state travelling?

A Crean team would break link to Greens

Time’s running out for federal Labor to change course.

Gillard-Greens are California dreaming

The ‘Golden State’ is being derailed economically by rampant green policies.

Heartland loses the love for Liberal leader

The rumblings over Colin Barnett’s leadership style are getting louder.

Porter gets out while the going’s good

Is Christian Porter unhappy with the way the Barnett government is going about its business?

Rudd in the stable saddling a white horse

The rumour mill suggests Kevin Rudd’s currently doing the groundwork for Labor to draft him into the top job.

Many willing to go where the work is

WA has a long history of importing workers for major projects.

Money & power ... who would have thought?

Government and business are becoming a little too close for comfort.



Turnbull’s coming for your hard-earned

Taxation ‘reform’ inevitably means Australia’s hard-working mums and dads will be paying more.

Counting the cost of Barnett’s binge

The Barnett years will be remembered for many things, but economic responsibility is not among them.

Lightweight military leaves nation exposed

Canberra’s aversion to pro-active, targeted spending on military hardware has diminished the nation’s role in the region, and will do so in the future.

Rudd not asked to ‘own’ his role

One crucial question was missing from the excellent TV documentary The Killing Season, and it goes to the heart of the matter.

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Counting the cost of Barnett’s binge

The Barnett years will be remembered for many things, but economic responsibility is not among them.

Too few enjoy the lucky country

Fear mongering over the size of Australia’s population is founded in ignorance.

Global warming: humble pie served cold?

Debate is hotting up over longer-term climate trends, historical temperature statistics and a recent expansion of the Antarctic sea ice.

Doing China’s dirty work

With US and Australian investigators’ enthusiastic assistance, China is tracking down corrupt officials’ ill-gotten gains; but the playbook calls for a familiar ending.