HealthHack – ailments, remedies in equal doses

Get a few dozen programmers and health practitioners together for a three-day weekend starting Friday, throw some problems at them, then tell them to come up with solutions by Sunday afternoon.

Give yourself a break, be productive

Taking a small timeout from work can help you refocus your attention and achieve your goals

Developing your personal outreach

To be successful in sales, you need to cover all the bases when it comes to building networks.

Phytotech director quits after online posts

Phytotech Medical founder Ross Smith has vowed to take legal action against investor chat room HotCopper, following his resignation from the medical marijuana company today.

Make social media work for you

Businesses playing catch-up on social media need to seek advice before rushing into what may seem like a brave new world.

Data gives digital media a measurable edge

FEATURE: Digital media’s ubiquitous offerings are increasingly changing the business of advertising and branding.

Social media’s white noise

At the risk of being called a Luddite at best, and a heretic at worst, I have spent a bit of time over the past few months trying to understand the business case for social media – and failing.

Targeted strikes on social media

Attracting new leads requires the use of every form of social media and electronic outreach to find prospective clients.

Terrace tweets work a treat

Perth has captured international attention for a social media marketing campaign to highlight the launch of The Terrace Hotel and Restaurant last November.

Getting out there on Google

Businesses with a clear strategy to optimise their presence on Google are those most likely to succeed.

Social media for reflection, not connection

The heart of building an online social community is to recognise the 'showcasing' potential of the medium.

Facebook, Linkedin ahead of Twitter

Australian’s are increasing their social media presence and reach, according to a study on the nation’s social media habits.

Could the US be the next ‘tiger’?

The big moves in currency markets over the past week have only a little to do with developments in Australia and a lot to do with the US.

Business tunes in to staff needs, from FIFO to Yammer time

THE use of social media platform Yammer, a growing fly-in, fly-out workforce, and Big Brother-style analysis are tools increasingly in use by human resources departments across Western Australia.

Strategy and focus get numbers on your side

Shortly before Facebook announced that it was planning to go public, founder Mark Zuckerberg asked employees from around the world to attend a meeting at the company's new headquarters in Menlo Park, California.

Why are you afraid of social media?

YOU’RE a chicken.Let me correct that. You’re a dumb chicken.

Business needs to embrace the new media

Rather than something to be feared by business, social media presents a wealth of opportunities.

Want some advice?

IN October last year, I created a giveaway on my Facebook fan page. I offered a prize of several autographed books for the person who submitted the best sales tip.