Verne Harnish

Verne Harnish is CEO of Gazelles Inc, an executive education and coaching solutions provider, and author of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits: What You Must Do to Increase the Value of Your Fast-Growth Firm.

Meaningful ways to measure employee happiness

Successful leaders know they need to balance the needs of employees, customers, and shareholders to build a thriving company.

Creating a personal legacy

Prioritising your personal life and aligning it with your professional goals can provide added meaning to your endeavours.

Scaling up the organisation

Companies are like living organisms that need to adapt to survive.

Moving past SWOT’s introspection

The limitations of the traditional SWOT analysis have become clear – it’s time businesses upgrade the way they plan and strategise for the future.

Selling the Business: Games Buyers Play

Entrepreneurs work for years building up the value in their business, only to give a big chunk of it away when it comes time to sell. Why?

Look within and turn your business around

WHEN Gabe Fasolino was hired as a plant manager at a $7 million manufacturing company, he heard rumours that there were problems with drug and alcohol use among the workers.

Fresh ideas that will power your business

YOUR team is probably fired up about grabbing more market share this year. If you want to achieve that goal, however, it’s time to look at your operation through a fresh lens.

Four-part solution for economic growth

AN excellent education system, cutting-edge research and development efforts, a thriving export market, and global competitiveness are critical ingredients for any thriving economy.

Maximise your return on luck – good or bad

HUNKERING down in year-end strategic planning sessions, you and your team are probably thinking hard about what’s next for the economy and how that will affect your business.

Arm yourself with an advisory board

MARISSA Levin more than doubled her revenues at Information Experts during the past three years, and she’s the first to tell you she couldn’t have done it alone.

All-time greatest business decisions

AS Jim Collins notes in the introduction to my new book, The Greatest Business Decisions of All Time, we’re living in times of tremendous uncertainty; many growth-company CEOs feel rudderless.

Strategy and focus get numbers on your side

Shortly before Facebook announced that it was planning to go public, founder Mark Zuckerberg asked employees from around the world to attend a meeting at the company's new headquarters in Menlo Park, California.

Reinvention, new reality for companies

In a world where a Sri Lankan-based company can provide unlimited tech support for $149 a year to a business owner in Sioux City, Iowa, no company can escape the new realities of global competition or hide in its local markets anymore.

Finding top talent with teamwork

Finding good recruits is always a challenge.

More sales channels means more sales

A business acquaintance of mine, the founder of a leading manufacturer of industrial blinds and awnings, had always sold through a dedicated network of distribution representatives.

Strategic thinking v execution planning

It's time to break apart a 50-year-old business tradition - strategic planning - and think about it in terms of two distinct activities: strategic thinking and execution planning.

A little light reading for the holiday break

Four must-read books that will help you thrive, no matter what the economy throws at you in 2012 and beyond.

Strategies to develop better managers

In today’s networked economy, having a brilliant, visionary leader alone isn’t enough to keep a company growing.

Narrow, deep focus, then you go global

JOHN Rauschkolb, founder and CEO of Panama-based La Hipotecaria, faced an ongoing dilemma.

Five techniques to improve marketing

THE single biggest weakness I find in many growth firms is the lack of a separate and effective marketing function.  

Time to fine-tune your sales approach

FOR MANY reasons there has been a renewed focus on cranking up the sales side of business, with frequent requests for recommendations on effective sales training and techniques.  

Sharing knowledge helps develop ideas

THERE are several authors I suggest business leaders read – Jim Collins, Pat Lencioni, Malcolm Gladwell, and Steven Berlin Johnson – with the last of these likely the least known of the gr

Growing talent from within your team

YOU can tell a great company from a good company by spending just a few minutes inside the business.

Stakeholders happy, you keep the store

FOUR times the revenue growth, 12 times the stock performance, and more than 700 times the profit growth over an 11-year period.What competitive advantage led to this huge margin in performance of one

Structure work into 90-minute cycles

WORK no more than 90 minutes and then take a break. Do this two more times in a day and you’ll accomplish more in 4.5 hours than those cranking hard for eight to 12 hours straight.

You need to sharpen your customer focus

LIKE many CEOs, Larry Weinberg thought he knew his customer base – and was marketing to it correctly.

The power of a monthly meeting

THE toughest management challenge, as the leader of a growing business, is getting your DNA passed down to the next generation of leaders – those middle managers who either make your life easier

Strategic preparation: three critical steps

’TIS the season for strategic planning as companies look to next year and beyond.

The seven strata of strategy for businesses

MY recent research involving more than 3,000 CEOs and executives from around the world confirms that strategy is their number one focus this decade.The challenge is balancing all the complexities of s

Are you a multiplier or a diminisher?

DOES everyone seem to get dumber the longer they work for you?The most painful leadership book I’ve ever read is the new bestseller Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter, by Li

Core values the heart of powerful cultures

NO company better exemplifies the power of a strong corporate culture than Zappos, the online shoe and clothing retailer bought by Amazon last November for $1.2 billion.Just more than 10 years old, it