Small Business

Conform and perform the model ‘type’

The ‘type’ of salesperson you are will go a long way to determining how well received you are by your boss, your co-workers, and your clients.  

Scope recognised again at WA Training Awards

Perth-based Scope Training has been recognised in the WA Training Awards for the second consecutive year, while engineering firm Civmec has also taken a top honour.

App/tech business of the week ~ Wholesale Exchange

Wholesale Exchange is an online marketplace for the WA wholesale vehicle industry.

What the tech startup scene needs now

PODCAST: Business News chief executive Charlie Gunningham discusses the local tech startup scene with the director and co-founder of local venture capital firm Yuuwa Capital Matt Macfarlane and the founder of the Spacecubed and Flux coworking spaces Brodie McCulloch.

HotCopper tops Techboard following ASX debut

Online share trading forum HotCopper Holdings listed on the ASX this week, and topped Techboard’s ranking as a result of the news coverage.

Challenges remain despite e-commerce growth

Western Australian businesses are ahead of the curve in several aspects of e-commerce, reporting more online presence via websites, social networks and use of a digital business strategy than other states, according to the Sensis eBusiness report released today.

Designers hatch plans for local, overseas growth

SPECIAL REPORT: Slower growth in discretionary spending is a challenge for some local fashion hopefuls, but export markets and tech-style accelerator programs are presenting opportunities.

Get in the Hole app tees off

A new app that offers discounts to golfers at a number of golf courses in Western Australia and Bali has made its debut.

App/tech business of the week ~ Gigger

Gigger is a search engine for the music industry. The engine analyses data from sources such as Facebook, Soundcloud, Bandcamp and Twitter to build a profile for bands.

Perth business named best day spa

Perth-based wellness spa retreat Bodhi J has won a major prize at this year’s Australian Beauty Industry Awards, announced at the conclusion of the recent Sydney Beauty Expo.

App/tech business of the week ~ Fleetsu

Fleetsu collects and analyses big data streams from various sources to aid asset management, such as the use of vehicles, machinery and equipment.

Award winners illustrate diversity

The latest winners in the EY Entrepreneur of the Year awards have illustrated the diverse potential of the state’s economy by developing value-adding businesses in sectors including education, oil and gas, agriculture, and construction.

Power Ledger makes Techboard debut

Fintech and cleantech are the most trending sectors this fortnight, with six of Techboard’s top eight companies coming from these sectors.

Students take on startup scene

Educators have opened classroom doors to new learning possibilities via a program that connects industry with students in a competition to create their own technology startup.

High-tech press puts Picton at cutting edge

The internet of things has provided a West Perth print business with a new lease of life.

SMEs seek leadership, reform

SPECIAL REPORT: Small businesses have taken a hit as confidence drops and the economy slows, but there are a few things governments can do to begin to alleviate the pain.

Hungry for career flexibility

The challenges of motherhood were the inspiration behind Adventure Snacks founder and Perth resident Tracey Davidson’s decision to start her own small business, and she’s part of a long-term growing trend of women who are doing so.

Full bottle on vermouth

An aperitif used for medicinal purposes in the early 1500s has been given a 21st century twist with the release of Burch Family Wines' Howard Park Vermouth. 

App/tech business of the week ~ Instatruck

Instatruck connects businesses and consumers with trucks on demand.

A proposal and sale are miles apart

When it comes to sales proposals, the first thing you need to do is determine if it’s a price proposal or a value proposal.

Hazer tops Techboard rank

Half of the top twelve trending companies in Techboard’s ranking this fortnight are health-techs, with Perth continuing to assert its credentials in the space.