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Perth commentator Tim Treadgold is one of the state's highest-profile business journalists. He brings decades of experience to Business News, offering readers sharp and insightful analysis of current events and breaking news.

Speculators may soon urge miners to ‘bring out your debt’

Bell Group has been in the news recently, which is an apt reminder of the downside of debt, considering the state of play in the resources sector.

Pressure grows on Rinehart, Palmer

At first glance there does not seem to be much connecting Gina Rinehart with Clive Palmer, but a closer look reveals a common thread … made of steel.

Rio concerns emerge out of Africa

A US court ruling concerning the controversial Simandou iron ore project in West Africa is a worry for Rio Tinto, but not WA.

Pure Dickensian feast and famine

It is one of the most overused quotes of all time, but if you look at the old and the new of Western Australia’s mining industry it is impossible to avoid thinking about the first words in Charles Dickens’ novel, A Tale of Two Cities: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”.

China ills become WA’s malady

Iron ore producers, and the WA economy, need to prepare for more sluggish demand from China if the findings of a major investment bank are accurate.

Battery power shift in store

If news from the science and banking communities proves to be as promising as it sounds, a new business opportunity is brewing that promises to be as disruptive and profitable as the early years of mobile phones – while also derailing a century-old government service.

World watching BHP’s next move

Expect fireworks at the Australian leg of BHP Billiton’s annual meeting process, to be held in Perth this week.

Seeds of next ‘boom’ being sown

’Tis the season to be gloomy, that much we know from following financial markets; but an early nominee for the Dr Gloomy prize of the season goes to former ANZ Bank chief economist, Saul Eslake, who said earlier this week that the China-driven mining boom was “the last in human history”.

Game changes for Chevron at Gorgon

Some of the Gorgon gas project’s major backers are warily eyeing prices as the project nears production.

Vive la revolution

It’s not often that a breath of fresh air wafts out of Europe, but last night was a time for a few revolutionary comments about business, specifically that ride-sharing service Uber is ‘not a problem, just a new business model’.

Economic fortunes trending up

There’s growing belief commodity prices have bottomed out and things are set to improve.

Quick fix can’t hide structural defects

As much as Australia might benefit from a cut in official interest rates, it would definitely benefit from encouraging a new industry, such as the nuclear-fuel processing facility being championed by the South Australian government, and supported by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Numbers bear out economic malaise

Fresh analysis by Business News clearly shows how much WA’s economic performance has fallen relative to the rest of the nation.

Argyle losing at the margins

A dispute over the future of the failed Ellendale mine might not be the worst event in the downturn hurting the state’s once-brilliant diamond industry, because the much bigger Argyle mine is also facing a fresh threat to its future.

Local perspective like money in the bank

The recent travails of VW and Glencore provide a stark reminder of the limits of globalisation.

Food exports may leave bitter aftertaste

Gas, tuna, and crayfish might not seem to have a clear connection, but there is a link – and it’s one Jeff Kennett thinks might become a worry for local supermarkets and promoters of Australian food exports to Asia.

Nickel producers in the drop zone

Nickel producers are waiting for one of their cohort to ‘blink’ first, as overproduction and sluggish demand threaten the sector’s viability.

Commodities confidence returning

Tipping the top or bottom of a market is never smart, especially at a time of volatile trading; but a series of recent events point to confidence growing in the start of a recovery in the Western Australian economy.

Metcash crunched by the big boys

The wholesale supplier has lost a huge chunk of its stock market value as it battles the grocery giants.

Bengalla coal value a winner for Wesfarmers

It is hard to find a winner in the coal-mining industry these days but some investors were quick to spot a Perth-based winner yesterday in the form of Wesfarmers, which saw the value of its coal assets boosted by a deal in the Hunter Valley of NSW.

Plenty at stake for gas boosters

WA-based LNG Ltd has fallen back to earth as an oversupply of liquefied gas worldwide is hitting the share prices of gas-exposed stocks.

Population outflow concern for WA

No-one in Western Australia needs to be told that the state is passing through a rough patch; it’s in their face every day.

Surge of interest in agriculture

With the resources sector in the doldrums, another of Australia’s traditional strengths – agriculture – is standing tall.

Rio, BHP talk-up opportunities

If Andrew Mackenzie and Sam Walsh are right, then Western Australia’s commodity dependent economy could be at the start of a recovery; and not before time, given the weakening state of the property market as measured by mortgage defaults.

Profit margins squeeze the top end

The commodity price crash is drawing in some big-name, high-cost producers.

Woodside plan finds few friends

If Woodside Petroleum’s one-for-four share swap bid for rival LNG producer Oil Search was plan A, then plan B, when it comes, had better be a beauty, because so far no-one apart from Woodside management can say anything positive about the proposed takeover.

Living the dream, or somnambulism?

Growing the size of the cake, rather than squabbling over the current morsels, should have been the focus of the recent National Reform Summit.

Barnett goes off a bit early

Tipping a commodity price recovery that will boost Western Australia’s economy is a game for the brave or the foolish; and while Colin Barnett came close to being one or the other yesterday, he was actually just being premature.

Revival in resources more puff than boom

Despite the pain being felt by many small investors, the Chinese-led stock market falls of the past week was a long-overdue correction.

Amid the gloom, gold’s good to go

If ever Western Australia is to have another slogan on vehicle number plates, then the favourite has to be a return to the short-lived ‘Golden State’ catchphrase.

Asian demand feeds Elders’ growth

Could the contrasting fortunes of Atlas and Elders signal the start of a rural revival?



Window opens for lithium hopefuls

ANALYSIS: Worldwide demand for lithium is rising and more than 20 companies in WA are on board for the ride.

All good things must eventually come to an end

A number of asset classes are facing the likelihood of a bust this year, with WA watchers’ eyes trained on the lithium sector.

WA lithium gets jump on rivals

ANALYSIS: A forecast global surge into electric cars and buyers’ growing preference for the state’s hard rock lithium ore is putting a rocket into the sector.

New model shake-up for online used car sales

The second-hand car business was revolutionised 20 years ago with the arrival of the internet, but there is a second revolution under way that promises to be even more disruptive and could have a significant effect on some of Western Australia’s best-known car yards.

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Wine a contender for worst industry

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