Jeffrey Gitomer

Jeffrey Gitomer is an American author, professional speaker and business trainer, who writes and lectures internationally on sales, customer loyalty and personal development.

Attitude change requires attitude actions

You are the sole architect of your attitude, whether positive or negative. It’s your choice.

Are you positive your attitude’s right?

Self-belief, preparation and hard work go hand in hand to put you in a winning position – in life and at work.

Do the hard work to makes sales easy

Referrals will get you business, but they won’t come unless you earn them.

Be where the buyers are

It may provide little comfort, but if you can’t get through to the buyer, rest assured … you’re not alone.

Offer the virtual hand of friendship

Effective, targeted social media strategies are building business for those savvy enough to implement them.

Presentation speaks to your image

You ability to communicate effectively will have a big impact on your image and reputation.

Hey kid, you’re a natural

Kids are great at sales, it comes naturally to them; so what’s the missing ingredient for those salespeople who struggle?

It’s never too late to learn

Access to information is greater now than at any time in history, so are you learning at least one new thing every day to help you in you personal and business lives?

Improve your ‘water’ and they’ll give you bread

A well communicated, compelling message will put you ahead of most of your competitors. Have you got one?

Nothing beats a bit of face-time

Getting out there and meeting people is still the best way to grow your professional network, and your sales.

Broaden your sales focus

Getting a step ahead of your competitors means starting work earlier and working harder than they do.

Turn ideas into action

A solid belief in your company and what it offers is essential if you want to get your message across.

Get into gear and have a great year

Don’t waste time, don’t procrastinate, focus on your sales mission – all simple rules to ensure you achieve your goals … but so often overlooked.

The secret to success is you

Evaluating your strengths and weaknesses is the first step in setting your sales direction for the year ahead.

Developing your personal outreach

To be successful in sales, you need to cover all the bases when it comes to building networks.

Waiting on a call that may never come

Without effective communication, and a message worth hearing, you’re in for a tough time in sales.

A word on breaking down barriers

Barriers and doubts from your customers do not signal defeat, they are an opportunity and a challenge waiting to be overcome.

Totally sold on social media

Technology will take the art of selling to a whole new level in 2015 … are you ready?

Any time’s the right time to say …

Your success depends on the input of many other people, so it pays to acknowledge them from time to time.

Is your weight loss tied to your sales gain?

A healthy body and mind go a long way to achieving your success in sales.

Are you the ‘toast’ of your meetings?

Presentation skills are a key component in every salesperson’s toolbox, and improving your public speaking is a great way to lift your game.

Dealing with workplace change

Recognising change as a positive opportunity will put you well ahead of the competition.

Good intentions, lame excuses

There are lots of excuses for failing to achieve success, but very few reasons that actually stand up to scrutiny.

Networking gig hits right note

The science of networking is getting more sophisticated, but how you deal with this may be easier than you think.

The rules of networking

Most people take networking for granted and fail to capture the opportunities on offer.

Improving the service experience

A key component in the battle for repeat business, service is usually the poor cousin of ROI and other measure of ‘progress’.

Have I got a tip for you ...

If everyone had to work for tips there would be a dramatic improvement in the level of customer service.

Why your sales process or sales system does not work

ARE you being forced to sell someone else’s way? Are you uncomfortable using a “system” of selling?

The art of shopping for a bargain

Sales aren’t made on price, they’re made based on desire, need, and perceived value combined with urgency.

Are you a social sales pacesetter?

Pacesetters use technology for the competitive advantage, and the results are more profitable business outcomes.

‘Relationship’ wins hands down

Here's the rock, paper, scissors game of selling: relationship is more powerful than price; relationship is more powerful than delivery; relationship is more powerful than quality; and relationship is more powerful than service.



Good leaders inspire their teams

Managers can encourage or discourage sales with their policies and actions, so what makes a great sales manager?

Happiness is your decision

Opinion: Stop blaming your run of outs on others; how you respond to challenges is entirely up to you.

The science of the cold call

OPINION: Making a good first impression and then asking the right questions are two important elements of the cold call.

Self-belief key to a positive you

OPINION: This edition’s column is an extract from The Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude, first published in 2009.

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Creating the habits of attraction

There’s a raft of online resources available to increase your profile and grow your ‘outreach’.

Good leaders inspire their teams

Managers can encourage or discourage sales with their policies and actions, so what makes a great sales manager?

Maintaining connections when your contact leaves

I recently received an email from a copier salesman in New York City; in fact the top rep in the country.

How leaders say ‘follow me’

The words your manager uses, and the actions that follow, provide an insight into the type of leadership they’re offering.