Jeffrey Gitomer

Jeffrey Gitomer is an American author, professional speaker and business trainer, who writes and lectures internationally on sales, customer loyalty and personal development.

Are you keeping up with changing times?

It's no surprise the late Steve Jobs' favourite music was written and performed by Bob Dylan and The Beatles.

Burnt out or just lacking motivation?

I just read an article about someone's totally bogus opinion of 'job burnout'.

The write way to go about getting relaxed

RELAX ... you’ve heard that word since the first time you got angry or upset. Or maybe it’s a word in your head that beacons reality.

Recording thoughts a good investment

I'll be spending the month of August in Paris with my family.

First big success breeds the second

The Miami Heat has just won the NBA basketball title and LeBron James won the most valuable player award.

Where’s the value in your offering?

You have been making value perceptions and value judgments your entire life.

Developing ‘soft’ skills the hard part

When a new sales representative is hired, a company provides what is known as 'orientation and ramp up'.

How are you getting ahead of the game?

I'm all Apple all the time; since 1984.

The right questions help build rapport

Salespeople are known for asking poor questions.

Don’t be content with ‘best’, set the standard

What comes to mind when you read the words 'set the standard'?

Are you a rock star or just a backup singer?

When you hear a boss talk about their best salesperson, they often refer to him or her as a 'rock star'.

Why can’t you reach the goals you set?

GOT goals? Millions of words have been written about goals. I’ve written thousands of them. Ninety-nine per cent of the words focus on ‘how-to’ set and achieve them in one form or another. 

Smart phones. How smart are the users?

Have you noticed the shift in human focus and concentration?

Don’t blame others, maybe it’s just you

I overheard this sales dialogue on an airplane recently. "He (the customer) has never responded to one of my emails and never calls me back."

It’s a joke to measure ROI on social media

I got an (unsolicited) email offering a webinar to teach me about how to measure, and the importance of measuring, the ROI (return on investment) of social media.

Sales training is out and education is in

There are no two companies that train alike.

Elements from the past 20 years you can use for the next 20

i'm celebrating my 20th year of writing about sales, networking, loyalty, trust, attitude, leadership, business social media and personal development.

Lay the foundation for the next 20 years

I'm celebrating my 20th year of writing about sales, networking, loyalty, trust, attitude, leadership, business social media, and personal development.

Two decades of the right sales moves

This is the 20th anniversary of my first column.

Want a referral? Go out and earn it

Question from a reader: I am taking a new business development job for a wellness and surgery centre.

Are you a believer or just a salesperson?

What do you believe in? What are your real beliefs?

Wilt the Stilt set the standard for success

On March 2 1962, an unbreakable basketball record was set.

Celebrate success at home and work

For the past 16 years, since I turned 50, I have been angry at birthdays.

Work less to earn more? No chance

I am sick of people telling me I work too hard.

Best value is about more than just price

Why are you fighting with procurement and purchasing?

Shake-up needed in the ‘friendly skies’

Jeff Gitomer says airlines need to smarten up their customer service.

Hard work at the heart of achievement

I am sick of goals and goal experts.

‘Attitude’ training begins at home

Many companies are considering training programs for the new year; new budgets, new needs, new opportunities.

Rethink your holiday name and game plan

When I was growing up, they called it Christmas. Now, in order to offend no one, they call it nothing. Sad.

Pay close attention to what you’re saying

How does your prospect perceive your words? New? Engaging? Valuable? Exciting? Compelling? Or are they boring, time-worn clichés?

Taking the worry out of everyday business

'I need more sales. I need more sales,' you say. Welcome to the club. Everyone needs more sales.



Good leaders inspire their teams

Managers can encourage or discourage sales with their policies and actions, so what makes a great sales manager?

Happiness is your decision

Opinion: Stop blaming your run of outs on others; how you respond to challenges is entirely up to you.

Self-belief key to a positive you

OPINION: This edition’s column is an extract from The Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude, first published in 2009.

Sales techniques are good, friends are better

OPINION: It’s estimated that half of all sales are made on the basis of an established friendship, so if you’re not making nice you’re missing out on half of your market.

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Creating the habits of attraction

There’s a raft of online resources available to increase your profile and grow your ‘outreach’.

Good leaders inspire their teams

Managers can encourage or discourage sales with their policies and actions, so what makes a great sales manager?

Maintaining connections when your contact leaves

I recently received an email from a copier salesman in New York City; in fact the top rep in the country.

How leaders say ‘follow me’

The words your manager uses, and the actions that follow, provide an insight into the type of leadership they’re offering.