Jeffrey Gitomer

Jeffrey Gitomer is an American author, professional speaker and business trainer, who writes and lectures internationally on sales, customer loyalty and personal development.

Closing the sale: some answers you won’t like

“A – B – C. Always Be Closing.”You may know that line from the infamous sales movie Glengarry Glen Ross, where Alex Baldwin plays himself.

What should I tweet, what should I post?

MOST people don’t know what to say on, what to do on, or what to do with social media.

Get your business into social media

OF all the business social media options, LinkedIn is the most valid, and the most valuable.

Putting the business into social media

HOW are you using and profiting from social media?Here’s the probable answer – you’re using it, but not profiting from it.That’s because your Facebook page has photos of Sunday

Get some attitude – show some resilience

MY tweet today was: “Resilience doesn’t start with experience – it starts with attitude – your attitude.”It got more than 100 re-tweets.

The lost opportunity – your seminar notesThe lost opportunity – your seminar notesThe lost opportunity – your seminar notes

YOU’RE at a seminar.Great information is being offered. Information that will help you succeed. Your mind is open. You’re taking notes, recording what is being said.

A sales strategy that clicks with customers

I RECEIVED an unsolicited email this morning that gave me no choice but to read it.

Time is precious, so don’t waste a minute

I SAID good-bye to my father today. Not just ‘see you later’; my dad is on his deathbed.For some, death comes in an instant. Others go slowly and painfully.

Social media presents business opportunities

 WHAT’S your company’s social media policy?Probably shortsighted.Social media, or social networking – better defined by the larger players Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr, a

Think you won’t use algebra? Do the math

When I have more money than I need (which these days seems farther away than it did a few years ago), I want to travel around the world and speak to high school students.I want to talk to them about t

Salespeople should stop ordering chicken

SALESPEOPLE want to make sales, and for the most part feel alone in the process.One of the challenges all salespeople face is finding the best way.

Maintaining success in a competitive world

AS my sales career has evolved over the years, and I have emerged as a leader in the sales industry, I’m often asked if I have any secrets for success or what’s been my path to personal su

Start providing value, or lose to price

AT a recent seminar in Kitchener, Ontario, (an hour north of Toronto for those of you without Google Maps) a delegate came up to me during a break and said, “I have a new closing method”.I

You decide what to think, how to react

WHAT is the importance of attitude?Every person, you included, wants to achieve more, earn more, find happiness, be successful, and be fulfilled.

What toppings can you offer me?

WHAT words come to mind when I say ‘pizza’? What images come to mind? What tastes come to mind? What restaurants come to mind? What delivery service comes to mind? What toppings come to mind? Pretty interesting questions; and you have immediat

I’m not in a slump, the economy is

IN case you hadn’t noticed, the economy is still hurting. And the universal cry of salespeople not making enough sales is, ‘it’s the economy’.In a slump?

Smile, change your mood and attitude

PICTURE this. Just landed at JFK Airport after an eight-hour flight from London – me, my partner Jessica, and Gabrielle, our one-year-old daughter.Gabrielle is already a seasoned flyer.

Selling the seller on buying – negotiation

SEVERAL months ago, I got an email from Michael Andrew Wilson. He read my Little Red Book of Selling and Little Black Book of Connections, loved them, and wrote to tell me about it.

Raise your percentage, change your prospect

WHERE are you on the percentage scale of sales?How many out of 10 can you close?Well, Mr or Mrs Sales Bigshot, forget your percentage. It ain’t all that good anyway.

Your best prospects

YOUR best prospects are your present customers.Looking for new prospects? Who isn’t.

Want my advice?

I GET a lot of emails asking me to solve sales dilemmas.

Don’t stop learning

HOW are you taking advantage of your knowledge?I have been a student of sales since November 11 1971.

Damage control

THE customer is always right; except when they are wrong, which is most of the time.

Adjust your pitch

I JUST read a pathetic sales pitch from an email where a ‘training company’ was telling me why training fails, and offering what they thought was the best way to approach the process.

Sales strategies

LAST week I shared a portion of the best sales ideas that salespeople submitted to my Facebook fan page.

Want some advice?

IN October last year, I created a giveaway on my Facebook fan page. I offered a prize of several autographed books for the person who submitted the best sales tip.

2010 action plan

THERE are expert predictions that 2010 will be much better than 2009.

Meeting targets

AN annual sales meeting is integral to the success of the year’s sales performance.

A day to remember

JANUARY 1 is always a big deal.It’s a celebration of the new and of being grateful for, thankful for, or washing out the old.

To serve is to rule

WE'VE all heard the stories - fabulous stories of great service from companies and individuals in small businesses that have gone way beyond the norm to provide extraordinary service.

Meetings count

I HAD a business meeting in my office last night.



Good leaders inspire their teams

Managers can encourage or discourage sales with their policies and actions, so what makes a great sales manager?

Happiness is your decision

Opinion: Stop blaming your run of outs on others; how you respond to challenges is entirely up to you.

Self-belief key to a positive you

OPINION: This edition’s column is an extract from The Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude, first published in 2009.

Sales techniques are good, friends are better

OPINION: It’s estimated that half of all sales are made on the basis of an established friendship, so if you’re not making nice you’re missing out on half of your market.

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Creating the habits of attraction

There’s a raft of online resources available to increase your profile and grow your ‘outreach’.

Good leaders inspire their teams

Managers can encourage or discourage sales with their policies and actions, so what makes a great sales manager?

Maintaining connections when your contact leaves

I recently received an email from a copier salesman in New York City; in fact the top rep in the country.

How leaders say ‘follow me’

The words your manager uses, and the actions that follow, provide an insight into the type of leadership they’re offering.