Jeffrey Gitomer

Jeffrey Gitomer is an American author, professional speaker and business trainer, who writes and lectures internationally on sales, customer loyalty and personal development.

Making effective connections

There’s a whole lot more to networking than turning up to an event with a pitch and a business card.

Prove your value, earn the sale

However good your product or service is, the client needs to be sold on you first.

Making the new way pay

Assertiveness is in when it comes to the ‘new’ way of selling; but be careful the client doesn’t perceive this as aggression.

Be assertive, not aggressive to make the sale

Successful salespeople focus on the present, it’s where their sales are.

Improving your business prospects

Asking the right questions and offering appropriate solutions is a recipe for more business.

Rising above the fear of failure

Salespeople want to make sales – and for the most part feel alone in the process.

Be assertive, not aggressive

Research, preparation, knowledge, and enthusiastic presentation skills are among the ‘new’ strategies you need to make sales.

Provide clients with a motive to buy

If you and your team aren’t making enough sales, maybe you’re not asking yourselves the right questions.

Paying attention puts you ahead of peers

The power of observation on the sales call will lead to the right question, the right dialogue … and big sales.

Believe you can achieve what you think

Classic writers offer timeless and peerless advice we should all heed to be successful.

More than a sales target, it’s total support

The overall support and encouragement a company gives its salespeople are the main ingredients to making the sale.

Customer is stalling … what do I say now?

Take the time to communicate on a more direct level with the customer to win the sale.

Missed sales a failure to communicate

Blaming the circumstances rather than taking responsibility is a dead-end response to a tough sales challenge.

Customers have questions…do you have answers?

Knowing what your customer is thinking is the first step to making the sale.

On the path to 1,000 sales leads

A real sales pro will use all means available to unearth and secure business leads.

Targeted strikes on social media

Attracting new leads requires the use of every form of social media and electronic outreach to find prospective clients.

Creating word-of-mouse attraction

Whether you get a good or bad RAP from your customers is entirely within your control.

Seeking closure and a happy ending

If your clients and prospective clients don’t ‘like’ you, they’re never going to buy from you.

Create a legacy, day by day

Technology avails us with boundless opportunities to ‘get out there’, so what steps are you taking to grow your exposure?

Customers’ view the only one that counts

If you want to know how good you are at business, ask your customers – and then honestly assess how much you can improve.

Coffee catch-up builds bridges

How is a cup of coffee like a sale? When it’s with a customer.

Making the leap from ‘satisfied’ to ‘loyal’

Do you believe you are a trusted adviser? Do your customers perceive you as a trusted adviser?

The secrets of their success

A few core principles form the heart of a successful sales career.

What’s your ‘drive time’ favourite?

Rather than moaning about all the time you spend in the car on the way to sales appointments, use that time to finesse your presentation.

Mirror, mirror on the wall …

Performing at your peak at all times is challenging, but regularly reaffirming your goals is a good place to start.

Post Words. Achieve Big. Build Success. Day-by-Day.

Four simple words to guide your success in 2014.

The world’s there for the taking

Is your business making the most of the opportunities presented by Google, and if not, why not?

A positive approach to overcoming adversity

The results you achieve for yourself and your business will improve if you look at the big picture.

Selling yourself: Are you a buyer?

An honest appreciation of your own strong points will help you better connect and empathise with others’.

Random thoughts, coherent message

Understanding your clients’ motivation is the best way to get them buying … from you.

Become a ‘preferred vendor’

Many companies have become smart buyers, but some have become too smart.



Good leaders inspire their teams

Managers can encourage or discourage sales with their policies and actions, so what makes a great sales manager?

Self-belief key to a positive you

OPINION: This edition’s column is an extract from The Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude, first published in 2009.

Sales techniques are good, friends are better

OPINION: It’s estimated that half of all sales are made on the basis of an established friendship, so if you’re not making nice you’re missing out on half of your market.

Beware bright lights of ‘the other’

Those who think the grass is greener on the other side need to think again.

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Creating the habits of attraction

There’s a raft of online resources available to increase your profile and grow your ‘outreach’.

Good leaders inspire their teams

Managers can encourage or discourage sales with their policies and actions, so what makes a great sales manager?

Maintaining connections when your contact leaves

I recently received an email from a copier salesman in New York City; in fact the top rep in the country.

How leaders say ‘follow me’

The words your manager uses, and the actions that follow, provide an insight into the type of leadership they’re offering.