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Offer the virtual hand of friendship

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Effective, targeted social media strategies are building business for those savvy enough to implement them.

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Effective, targeted social media strategies are building business for those savvy enough to implement them. 

Josh Coffy is a world-class Twitter expert.

His social media consulting service has gained thousands of (legitimate) followers for hundreds of his clients. And their following grows organically every day.

Josh spent four days attending and speaking at last week’s Gitomer Certified Advisor event; and he was compelling. He framed Twitter in a way that everyone in the room understood and started to do practise, whether they bought his follower-building service (that does it all for you) or not.

Josh is 22 years old; he is building a seven-figure social empire; he has 12 employees (check out flightmedia.co); and did I mention Josh is 22 years old?

Josh eats his own food, and drinks his own Kool-Aid. His philosophical overview of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (his three major areas of expertise and concentration) is: “First offer a (digital) hand of friendship and value. Extend a hand by tweeting and posting what selected targets want to know about and learn about.”

And extend that ‘social hand’ in a way that the value-engaged follower will be comfortable enough to buy and tell others to follow.

Josh has more than 56,500 Twitter followers using his own system, a combination of posting his own tweets, tweeting famous people, and re-tweeting his present followers to engage and affect them, and attract new followers.

Josh’s Twitter strategy (which is available to you) is to attract legitimate followers:

• people who are in your industry;

• people who are already connected with you in some other form or fashion;

• people in your group of insiders (friends, family);

• people who are interested in your thoughts and ideas;

• people who have searched your hashtags (#) and found you interesting enough to connect with;

• people who discovered you through the re-tweeting of others;

• people doing online research who discovered you are an expert;

• people doing online research about you and found you compelling enough to connect with;

• people who discover you in other forms of social media;

• people who read your blog or your other posted writings; and

• people who heard you speaking at some event.

Gaining engaged followers not simply gaining followers.

• A social hand is extended with a value offering, not a sales pitch or a spam email.

• An engaged follower is one who will re-tweet you, one who will re-post your post on LinkedIn, one who will proactively comment about you on his/her Facebook page – (not just respond to one of your posts, I’m talking about posting something).

• An engaged follower is someone who will subscribe to your YouTube channel, watch your videos, and comment.

Here are five things to get your thinking and clicking started.

1. Where are your ideal customers hanging out? What groups do they belong to? Check their LinkedIn profile. Find the right party and get invited or invite yourself.

2. Who are the top five people who have the customers you want? Other leaders or competitors are fair game on social media, as long as you play fair.

3. Study and connect with the people you admire. Who do you admire that you wish you were in the same social strata? Emulate their strategy.

4. Use co-promotion; who loves you that you can co-promote with? Co-author an article or co-host a webinar.

5. Value-leverage others. Interview important people and post the video with a link to your YouTube channel and a link to them.

Social selling reality: No-one goes on to buy; they go on to connect, but they will buy if the connection is perceived valuable enough.

Social selling reality: Don’t try to sell anyone at first. Attract first, engage second, connect third, re-engage consistently with value, then they might buy.

Social selling reality: Do I perceive enough value to connect with you? If I’m attracted to you, and you engage me enough, then I may click and follow.

Action steps

• Invite everyone you know.

• Start a tweet spreadsheet and schedule posts.

• Create categories; your own thoughts, industry quotes, famous people quotes.

• Optimum number of tweets: six a day.

• Hire a professional.


People like you and me need a professional like Josh;

Twitter is a rocket ship – and all I know is how to open the door, sit in the driver’s seat, and pretend to move the steering wheel. Josh knows how the rocket ship is built, he knows how it works, and he knows how to fly it.


Jeffrey Gitomer is an American author, professional speaker and business trainer, who writes and lectures internationally on sales, customer loyalty and personal development.

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