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Turn ideas into action

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A solid belief in your company and what it offers is essential if you want to get your message across.

Turn ideas into action
JOT DOWN: Capturing your thoughts in writing only helps clarify them. Photo: iStockphoto

A solid belief in your company and what it offers is essential if you want to get your message across.

Everybody wants to have a great year, and many start with a flurry.

The problem is that many can’t keep up the momentum or maintain the dedication to make ‘great’ a reality. The health clubs and gyms are already less crowded.

Last week I posted my list of things to do so that you can have a great year every year. They are posted on my LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/in/jeffreygitomer).

Here are a few items from the list that will help you maintain ‘great’ all year long.

Have a deep belief in the five critical areas of selling

In order to make your message transferable, in order to engage your prospective buyer in a way that they want to do business with you, and before you develop your sales skills, and your presentation skills, you must deepen your belief in your company, your product or service, and yourself. And you must believe that the customer is better off having purchased from you.

If you’re going to have a great year, you have to believe that you work for the greatest company in the world. You have to believe that you offer the greatest product or service(s) in the world, and you have to believe you’re the greatest salesperson in the world.

Write down your thoughts

Begin capturing your thoughts and ideas in writing. I have been writing for 23 years. Every cent that I have earned since March 23 1992, (the day my first column appeared in print) I can trace back to something that I wrote.

Capturing your thoughts in writing not only helps clarify them to yourself, it helps clarify and transfer them to others. Writing does not just lead to success, writing leads to wealth. If you’re looking to have a great year, begin writing down how that’s going to happen, and what things you have to do to make that happen.

Begin to write a game plan. And begin to list the people that can help you, and the ways that they can help you. In order to get in the groove of writing, I recommend that you begin by writing down things at the end of the day that are on your mind. It might be an idea. It might be a task. It might be points you want to cover in a sales presentation.

But the more you write down, the less you will have on your mind, and the easier it will be for you to create new ideas. In order to have a great year, you have to have great ideas. And in order to come up with great ideas, you mind has to be both clear and positive.

Keep your present customers loyal to you and your company

In order to grow your business organically (the best, strongest, and most economical way), you must first preserve the customers you have. You do this with on-time delivery, excellent service, giving value, and superior communication (not with lowest price). This will breed referrals and testimonials. Two key ingredients for having your best year ever.

Double your testimonials

Testimonials make sales when salespeople (you included) cannot. Your customers can sell for you way better than you can. If you’re not employing video testimonials in every aspect of your sales process, you will not have a great year. And worse, you’ll continue to fight the silly price wars against your competitors.

For the more complete list, go to my LinkedIn page www.linkedin.com/in/jeffreygitomer.


Jeffrey Gitomer is an American author, professional speaker and business trainer, who writes and lectures internationally on sales, customer loyalty and personal development.

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