Tim Treadgold

Perth commentator Tim Treadgold is one of the state's highest-profile business journalists. He brings decades of experience to Business News, offering readers sharp and insightful analysis of current events and breaking news.

The high cost of opposing gas projects

Are calls to stop proposed gas projects leading to an accident waiting to happen?

Analysis: Diamonds and gold

Diamond demand is rising, and gold is at a record high price -- either the boom is back, or investors are buying anything to dodge the crumbling U.S.

A day at the races may be just the ticket

Recent form doesn’t provide much reason for enthusiasm when it comes to some upcoming floats.

Analysis: The importance of the bush

Rural Australia almost cost Julia Gillard her job. Rural China could ensure that she keeps it for a very long time.

Questions aplenty over BHP’s Potash push

BHP Billiton’s $US40bn offer for a Canadian fertiliser maker has a few pundits scratching their heads.

Analysis: economic optimism or pessimism

The stock markets of the world have been in decline for the past month as investors fret about a double dip recession, while the official data says global recovery is underway.

Offshore investment secures African deals

Centamin’s move to the AIM in London last year has put it in the right place to attract British and European investment.

Analysis: The grim outlook for property

Property investment is supposed to be as safe as houses but two events in the past week point to that age-old belief being flushed around the S-bend in a wake-up call for anyone expecting a rapid recovery in the flat real estate market.

Analysis: chocolate-coated steel

The common thread linking the raw ingredients of chocolate and stainless steel is an attempt by rich investors to corner the market in a commodity to control future prices - a development which, oddly, is good news for WA.

Local carmakers brace for a new challenge

A Chinese carmaker is following the lead of the Japanese and South Koreans in the 1960s and 1980s.

Analysis: Worry about deflation

It's a radical thought but the next official interest rate move in Australia could be down rather than up as most economists are predicting - and the next move for gold could be up, rather than down.

Change looms as wealth shifts to the East

A close look overseas reveals a potential shortage of commodities.

Analysis: A whiff of change in the air

No-one should invest on the strength of a handful of political opinion polls but enough evidence is emerging to cause smart money to start thinking about what Tony Abbott might do to your portfolio.

Commodity constraints to drive prices

Iluka Resources has had some good news of late, but many may have missed it.

Analysis: Follow the money, not the spin

If the new mining tax is so bad for small iron ore companies that a fresh anti-tax advertising campaign is required why have their share prices risen over the past week and not fallen?

Tax bogeyman may end magnetite dream

The minerals resource rent tax might spell the end for magnetite iron ore.

Analysis: "It's China, stupid"

"It's China, stupid." With apologies to former U.S. president Bill Clinton, that's the big issue Australia should be debating in the current election campaign, but isn't.

Glencore manoeuvres put WA on notice

Commodity trader Glencore could be set to float, a sure sign of its confidence in the future of the resource sector.

Analysis: Further threat to resources

If you thought the dead hand of Canberra had been removed from the resources sector you are sadly wrong.

Iron ore the odd one out in new tax regime

The new mining tax puts most of its chips on China’s growth continuing.

Analysis: Does Labor like success?

If bets were placed on the chances of pigs flying over Perth, or a former president of the Australian Council of Trade Unions criticising employers for paying their workers high wages, it's a fair chance that the flying pigs would get shorter odds.

Competing interests a political challenge

Australia’s new PM, like all Western leaders, faces a rocky road ahead.

Analysis: Losers in China tax changes

Australia is not alone with tax issues. China is also upsetting one of its key industries with tax changes, though not to the point where prominent people can be counted among the losers, which include Kerry Stokes, Stan Perron and Richard Court.

Investment dollars will follow opportunity

The government has got the modelling wrong on the RSPT.

Analysis: High risks in overseas mining

Official inquiries will determine why the directors of Sundance Resources broke the rules about flying together, and died in a plane crash.

Beijing bureaucrats cast eyes over tax plan

Foreign mine owners might be better off making a loss under the proposed super profits tax.

Analysis: Ferguson lets tax-cat out

Oops! Has the Resources Minister, Martin Ferguson, just let the tax-cat out of the bag by admitting the obvious, but previously denied fact, that "one size does not fit all" in the mining super-tax debate?

Tax shopping, country hopping miners

Xstrata may have got the jump on its mining rivals.

Analysis: Be nice to Kevin

What Kevin took away, Kevin now gives back, but only if you're nice to Kevin - oh, and also have a mining project in a marginal electorate.

Too much of the good life can drain the well

The Greek experience should be a lesson to Australia’s political leaders.

Analysis:Super tax may trigger Qld. deal

Queensland, not WA, is shaping as the biggest loser from the Australian Government's proposed super-tax on mining profits, a realisation slowly dawning in Canberra and one that could lead to the first of the "special deals" if the tax is to move



Window opens for lithium hopefuls

ANALYSIS: Worldwide demand for lithium is rising and more than 20 companies in WA are on board for the ride.

All good things must eventually come to an end

A number of asset classes are facing the likelihood of a bust this year, with WA watchers’ eyes trained on the lithium sector.

WA lithium gets jump on rivals

ANALYSIS: A forecast global surge into electric cars and buyers’ growing preference for the state’s hard rock lithium ore is putting a rocket into the sector.

New model shake-up for online used car sales

The second-hand car business was revolutionised 20 years ago with the arrival of the internet, but there is a second revolution under way that promises to be even more disruptive and could have a significant effect on some of Western Australia’s best-known car yards.

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Doubts over Qantas flight plan

OPINION: As promising as it sounds, the prospect of non-stop flights from Perth to London might not be the success some people seem to believe.

Analysis: The e-tail retail divide

If anyone didn't already know that the internet is a powerful tool for retailing they do now thanks to Australia's best ever example of how to shoot yourself in the foot.

Wine a contender for worst industry

Margaret River grape growers might hate the idea of a coal mine in their backyard, but unless the outlook for Australian wine improves they might have to change their minds.

Analysis: Bunnings' market strategy

Price fixing is illegal. What about product pegging? If you haven't heard that expression before, get used to it because it is about to revolutionise Australian retailing.