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Perth commentator Tim Treadgold is one of the state's highest-profile business journalists. He brings decades of experience to Business News, offering readers sharp and insightful analysis of current events and breaking news.

Tales of troubled takeovers

Rick Allert and Dick Carter ought to swap notes, because if they did, Mr Allert might learn something about organising a competitive takeover bid, and Mr Carter might learn something about stopping on

A different spin on web words

Spin just ain’t what it used to be. Perhaps it’s the boom. Perhaps it’s incompetence. Perhaps it’s the internet.

Soft option a costly choice

Software is the stuff that makes computers run smoothly.

Rates fallout from US bonds

Anyone watching the Australian stock market for the past few weeks could not avoid the feeling that it’s been bouncing across a ceiling, unable to get much higher, and looking extremely fragile every

What is it about Coles deal?

Expect to read a lot more in the coming weeks about the search for value in an economy performing at its peak.

No shortage of suckers here

PT Barnum was right.

Boom's upside has downside

No ships. No workers. No class. Where has Briefcase been since last week? The Pilbara, obviously.

'Bit' players kept in the dark

“Kevin, it’s Rod here, do you need any advice on your industrial relations policy.”“Yes, please, Sir Rod.

Failures deflate confidence

Confidence is the fuel of stock market booms.

Boom divides along state lines

Secession bobs up as a topic every time Western Australia goes into boom mode, and now is no different – though there is an emerging (and amusing) variation on the secession theme given the remarkable

Trauma of a tainted process

If business in Western Australia thought it was impossible for government services to get worse than they already are, then just wait until the lethargy triggered by the Corruption and Crime Commissio

The uranium game is changing

Bubbles never last long, as every child knows. No sooner have you blown one than it pops.

Shadow behind the good news

Unemployment at 2.7 per cent of the workforce is reason to celebrate; for most of us.

Wesfarmers backs its vision

Reinventing yourself, repeatedly, is not an easy trick.

Fuel could drive rural recovery

It has been a long time since anyone thought seriously about investing in WA’s Wheatbelt region for the potential of a substantial future capital gain.

Will it be different this time?

No boom lasts forever, but over the past week Briefcase has seen evidence that this boom really is something completely different and might, just might, live up to the expectations of the optimists an

Market moves to be aware of

It’s not Brian Burke’s Panama hat that is causing so much trouble in Western Australia these days.

Taxing times for CCC players

This week, as a treat for its reader, Briefcase wanted to declare this page a Burke-free zone.

Some curly ones at the CCC

It appears no-one has outwardly canvassed the possibilities raised by a simple, three-word question – was anyone trading?People familiar with the stock market will know instantly where Briefcase is he

The politics of investment

Politics and investment advice are two subjects largely foreign to Briefcase.

Shifting the balance of power

Australians are getting used to the idea of a two-speed economy, with resource-rich Western Australia and Queensland rocketing away from the southern rust-belt states.

Missed opportunities can cost

Regrets abound in financial markets, especially when share prices fall sharply.

The conflict facing contractors

Conflicts of interest have been in the news lately, but mainly at the top end of town, and mainly because of internal boardroom squabbles.Meanwhile, Briefcase has been watching another layer of busine

Web world MkII worth a look

If you can buy a big bottle of multi-vitamins for $20 why do some people still pay $30?There is a one-word answer: ignorance.Quite simply, the people paying the $30 were not aware of the same product

Property hits a pivotal point

Perth’s overdue residential property price correction, which promises to prune 20 per cent off the value of most homes, also promises to be memorable for two other reasons – it is likely to be the fas

Crunch time for Wesfarmers?

Has Wesfarmers become just another tired, diversified industrial, destined for the knacker’s yard, or is it one of the best investments on the stock market, destined to disappear in a glorious ‘big ba

Boom passes some locals by

If there really is a boom in Western Australia, someone forgot to tell the top Perth-based industrial companies.

Questions need to be asked

It's quiz time and today’s questions is: How much financial detail should be available to shareholders in a company?

Tell-tales blowing in the wind

Does history repeat itself?

The barbarians are gathering

If cash really is king in the investment world, and the investment world is being shaken by private equity funds seeking cash to fund their debt loads, then surely the game to be played by investors k

No 'magic' in private equity

Extreme capitalists argue that private equity is the bee’s knees because it proves that markets can sometimes be wrong in valuing assets, such as Qantas.



Window opens for lithium hopefuls

ANALYSIS: Worldwide demand for lithium is rising and more than 20 companies in WA are on board for the ride.

All good things must eventually come to an end

A number of asset classes are facing the likelihood of a bust this year, with WA watchers’ eyes trained on the lithium sector.

WA lithium gets jump on rivals

ANALYSIS: A forecast global surge into electric cars and buyers’ growing preference for the state’s hard rock lithium ore is putting a rocket into the sector.

New model shake-up for online used car sales

The second-hand car business was revolutionised 20 years ago with the arrival of the internet, but there is a second revolution under way that promises to be even more disruptive and could have a significant effect on some of Western Australia’s best-known car yards.

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Doubts over Qantas flight plan

OPINION: As promising as it sounds, the prospect of non-stop flights from Perth to London might not be the success some people seem to believe.

Analysis: The e-tail retail divide

If anyone didn't already know that the internet is a powerful tool for retailing they do now thanks to Australia's best ever example of how to shoot yourself in the foot.

Wine a contender for worst industry

Margaret River grape growers might hate the idea of a coal mine in their backyard, but unless the outlook for Australian wine improves they might have to change their minds.

Analysis: Bunnings' market strategy

Price fixing is illegal. What about product pegging? If you haven't heard that expression before, get used to it because it is about to revolutionise Australian retailing.