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Perth commentator Tim Treadgold is one of the state's highest-profile business journalists. He brings decades of experience to Business News, offering readers sharp and insightful analysis of current events and breaking news.

Vultures circling in wine sector

One of the more interesting aspects of business is that, in order to know when the bottom of a cycle has been reached, the best place to look is up, because that is where you can see the vultures circ

Internet holds media answers

The media mating game, which has sent share prices rocketing since the return of the Howard Government, promises to be one of the most interesting aspects of life on the stock market over the next thr

Howard wins, is it time to sell?

I made my money by selling too soon. At a first reading, that sounds like an odd comment.

Briefcase taking on the ‘gorilla’

Some people go through life convinced that all banks are horrible. Briefcase does not subscribe to this belief but can understand why it exists, and may even be growing. How is this so?

Customer management the key

The rush to buy digital cameras is blamed by Kodak for the closure of its Victorian photographic equipment business with the loss of 650 jobs. Many observers agree with that view.

Mining shakeout days are coming

Here’s a piece of advice your stockbroker has probably not passed on.

Mortgage brokers shadow returns

Quiz time: What have the $US1 trillion global hedge fund industry, Perth property investors, and anyone running a self-managed superannuation fund got in common?Answer: They’re all chasing a higher re

Azure view for Poynton crew

It was a case of spot the difference from the old Poynton Partners when Azure Capital opened its doors for business on Monday.Apart from the new name and an office eight floors above the old one in Ex

Digging up one very healthy deal

Next week is THE big event of the year for traders in speculative mining stocks as the annual Diggers & Dealers gabfest (and combined swim through) hits Kalgoorlie.

Hot cakes approach to hot rocks

Fads are fascinating, especially when they hit the stock market.

Propping up the potato barons

The humble spud is rarely a topic of serious political debate.

Property play proves to be trap

 Property play proves to be trap There is a deep-seated belief held by some investors that the price of property rarely, if ever, falls.

Reformed offenders on the rise

Reformed offenders on the rise Over-promising and under-delivering is the cardinal sin for companies listed on the stock market, as investors in three stocks under the Briefcase microscope know all to

Wagerup wake-up call looming

Wagerup wake-up call looming Opposition to the planned $2.2 billion expansion of three bauxite mines and alumina refineries in Western Australia has, until now, seemed to be a local affair involving t

Press plan brought back to life

Press plan brought back to life INTERESTING times are about to hit Perth’s tight-knit media world with the ghost of the late Robert Holmes à Court scheduled to make a surprise appearance in the office

Miner marriage a perfect match?

Miner marriage a perfect match? CHINA has become such an important trading partner for Australia that it should come as no surprise to see Chinese interests playing a lead role in Australian corporate

China miracle not really stopping

 THE Shanxi Taigang Stainless Steel Company is expanding production by a third this year, and by another two-thirds in 2006. "So

Shieldliner piping for ASX listing

EVERY industry has its holy grail, a breakthrough technology that is said to be cheaper, faster and better. Over the next few weeks a new

Tucker leading the new wave

IT IS not easy to spot the difference between mining booms. Share prices go up, come down, and deals are done.

Property push proves puzzling

THE definition of scarcity used to be hen’s teeth. Things that do not exist.

Adventurers bring mixed bag

RED Back Mining boss, Ross Ashton, has been flogging a horse called Chirano for so long that most people have lost interest.

Wine shortage signals change

THERE is, believe it or not, a chardonnay shortage emerging in Australia.

Boom slowing fallout clearer

PENNY dreadful nickel stocks, in case no-one noticed, ran out of puff last week with some notable falls as the rotary lie detector, also known as the drill bit, delivered a few sobering assay results.

Diamonds an investor’s friend

  RISING prices for nickel, gold, platinum, iron ore and most other commodities appear to be having a positive effect on the ultimate item of investor speculation, diamonds.

Low profile, high performers

INVESTMENT advice can be a tricky business. Get it right and you’re a hero. Make a mistake and you never sit with your back to the window.

Xcell option plan needs check

SHARE options offered to employees and directors, we are told, act as an incentive. Have we got that clear. How then do we explain the strange events at Xcell Diagnostics?

The burdens of a full purse

WHAT is worse than not having enough money? For some people, dear souls, it is the problem of having too much.

Banks’ figures a community concern

IT is a brave man who dares criticise the concept of community banks. The name seems to say it all, especially when the emphasis is put on that meaningless word, community, which conjures up visions of “one for all, and all for one” ... etc etc.

Scottish bankers must be smiling

SCOTS never joke about money, but there must be a few smiles in the boardroom of the Bank of Scotland thanks to the rise-and-rise of the BankWest share price.

Market gets a taste for yellowcake

IT has been a long time since anyone whispered the word “uranium” on the stock market. But listen closely and you can hear a few excited conversations about the great uranium revival.

Doubts over clubs’ fitness to trade

WHEN a man loses $328 it is hardly an event to cause much excitement. So why, on May 14, did the Ministry of Fair Trading issue a press release lamenting the loss incurred by Douglas Bradshaw, a 60-year old from Nollamara?



Window opens for lithium hopefuls

ANALYSIS: Worldwide demand for lithium is rising and more than 20 companies in WA are on board for the ride.

All good things must eventually come to an end

A number of asset classes are facing the likelihood of a bust this year, with WA watchers’ eyes trained on the lithium sector.

WA lithium gets jump on rivals

ANALYSIS: A forecast global surge into electric cars and buyers’ growing preference for the state’s hard rock lithium ore is putting a rocket into the sector.

New model shake-up for online used car sales

The second-hand car business was revolutionised 20 years ago with the arrival of the internet, but there is a second revolution under way that promises to be even more disruptive and could have a significant effect on some of Western Australia’s best-known car yards.

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Doubts over Qantas flight plan

OPINION: As promising as it sounds, the prospect of non-stop flights from Perth to London might not be the success some people seem to believe.

Analysis: The e-tail retail divide

If anyone didn't already know that the internet is a powerful tool for retailing they do now thanks to Australia's best ever example of how to shoot yourself in the foot.

Wine a contender for worst industry

Margaret River grape growers might hate the idea of a coal mine in their backyard, but unless the outlook for Australian wine improves they might have to change their minds.

Analysis: Bunnings' market strategy

Price fixing is illegal. What about product pegging? If you haven't heard that expression before, get used to it because it is about to revolutionise Australian retailing.