Julia Gillard

Tough atop the political tree

Politics is a ruthless business, where poor performers are quickly found out and (more often than not) moved on.

Labor leader short on connection

The findings of the royal commission into unions, particularly as they apply to Labor leader Bill Shorten, may yet extract a political price.

Rudd not asked to ‘own’ his role

One crucial question was missing from the excellent TV documentary The Killing Season, and it goes to the heart of the matter.

Stains remain among Labor’s dirty laundry

It matters not whom one believes in the ABC documentary The Killing Season, the answer’s the same for Labor.

Fraser fell for Chinese trap

Although not alone in doing so, Malcolm Fraser’s failure to acknowledge the crimes against the Chinese people by the tyrannical Mao Tse-tung diminish his legacy.

Gillard patron of John Curtin library

Former prime minister Julia Gillard has been made patron of Curtin University’s John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library.

Captain’s call just an educated guess

A remarkable similarity is evident in the leadership styles of Australia’s past three prime ministers.

Industry groups want IR reform

Industry groups are at the vanguard of a renewed push for workplace reform following Productivity Commission issues papers released as part of a broad review of the labour market.

Lining up the Libs’ next leader

Succession remains an issue for the state government, with none of the contenders to take over from Colin Barnett the finished product.

McGowan sense political shift

State Labor is taking the fight to the government over its economic performance.

CFMEU under fire in Royal Commission report

The federal government’s Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption has recommended criminal charges against a number of officials from the CFMEU and Health Services Union, while the government has also released terms of reference for a review of the country’s workplace relations framework.

Few major scores, some own goals

The Abbott government certainly had no honeymoon period, and things are no rosier more than 12 months after it took power.

Has centralist vision had its time?

The Whitlam legacy lives on, on both sides of the political fence, in the push for ever-greater concentration of power in Canberra.

Labor’s bitter past resurfaces

Julia Gillard’s autobiography has poured salt into a few old wounds.

Unpopularity a fact of life for Abbott

There may be some disquiet about the performance of the government (and Tony Abbott) in the first year in the coalition party room, but the PM isn’t likely to give ground in the leadership stakes.

Democracy in need of counselling

Colin Barnett’s determined push to cut the number of local councils is a great example of how out of touch politicians are with public opinion.

Abbott exhausts political capital

If Tony Abbott and his ministers had stuck true to their word they would not find themselves so unpopular with voters, after less than a year in office.

Changing realities on gender disparity

Business leaders and politicians says all the right things in terms of women’s ascension up the corporate and political ladders, but what’s really being done to make it happen?

One way or another, we’re going to pay

For all its much-criticised cuts the federal budget fails to address the core issue of spending.

Fear, failures mar Howard legacy

Despite being an agnostic in terms of anthropogenic global warming, John Howard was spooked by Labor and the Greens in 2007.

Senate system is broken

The house of review needs a review of its own, but getting bipartisan agreement on the best way forward will be difficult.

Second chance one too many

Kevin Rudd should have stayed gone when his party pushed him from the PM’s office, so now it’s up to the voters to deliver the message.

NT tax breaks plan beggars belief

Kevin Rudd’s ‘tax breaks for the Territory’ plan has a strong similarity to a proposal by Gina Rinehart that was ridiculed by Labor.

Political tick for City Link

For all the political grandstanding over new rail or road projects, politicians need to remember it’s the taxpayers’ money they’re spending.

WA cattle producers welcome live export announcement

Western Australian cattle producers have welcomed today's announcement that Indonesia will significantly increase imports of live Australian cattle immediately, taking 25,000 animals over the next thr

Smith says WA job cuts will hurt Abbott

Defence Minister Stephen Smith says Labor is facing a tough election but predicts the party will retain all three of its seats at the upcoming federal election.

Supporting cast in a global game

The degree to which we, in Australia, control our economic destiny is exaggerated.

Brightwater plans for home stay

The ageing population brings both challenges and opportunities for Brightwater Care Group.