Board Moves April 9, 2020

Our board moves wrap includes Henry Kinstlinger, Mike Pitcher, Darryl Edwards, Trevor O'Connor, Susan Hunter, BiaoZhun Zhu, Benjamin Chow, Simon Mottram, Luis Azevedo, Aaron Bertolatti, Jason Bontempo, ZhiLiang Ou, Brett Lambert, Rob Tyson, John Stockley, and Chris van Wijk.

Board Moves April 8, 2020

Philip Haydn-Slater has stepped down as non-executive director of ADX Energy, as he is no longer residing in London.

Board Moves April 7, 2020

Emmerson Resources has appointed Paul Mason as company secretary, following the resignation of Trevor Verran.

Board Moves April 6, 2020

Steve Carolan, founder and non-executive director of CV Check, will be stepping down from the company at the end of May, in an effort to reduce costs and size of the board during this COVID-19 pandemi

Board Moves April 3, 2020

Our board moves wrap includes David Flanagan, Adam Sierakowski, Fei He, Zhe Xu, DeShao Chen, ZiMin Zhang, Mark Reid, Albert Cheok, Jeff Dowling, Mark Bennett, Grey Egerton-Warburton, Alan Cransberg, David Wheeler, and Justin Klintberg.

Board Moves April 2, 2020

Our board moves wrap includes Loren King, Quinton Meyers, Don Carroll, Michael McAnearney, Clifford Einstein, Ian Boserio, John Jetter, Adam Lamond, Steve Harding, and Lisa Wynne.

Board Moves April 1, 2020

Our board moves wrap includes Steve Parsons, Michael Naylor, Mathew O'Hara, Oonagh Malone, Evan Cranston, Brian Thomas, Michael Hendriks, Mark Clements, Dale Hanna, Tim Slate, Dale Ginn, Eddie King, Don Carroll, David Coyne, Robert Ierace, and Mauro Piccini.

Board Moves March 31, 2020

Our daily board moves wrap includes Alexei Fedotov, Michael Naylor, Jamie Byrde, Keith Smith, Timothy Spencer, Carl Travaglini, Allan Trench, Wayne Spilsbury, and Trevor Tennant.

Board Moves March 30, 2020

Our daily board moves wrap includes Morgan Ball, Egan Antill, Brian Mumme, Luke Graham, Nathan Buzza, Terry Barr, Peter Hill, Tristan Farel, Peter Bird, and Mike Joyce.

Board Moves March 27, 2020

Henry Kennedy will be retiring as non-executive director of Norwest Energy at the end of the month. Mr  Kennedy was a founding director and will remain a major shareholder of the company.

Board Moves March 26, 2020

Our daily board moves wrap includes Mark Bolton, Clayton Dodd, Tom Stynes, Grant Osborne, Jani Surjan, Louie Simens, James Allchurch, and John Kopcheff.

Appointments March 27, 2020

Our weekly appointments wrap includes Tracey Brand, Lisa Holland-McNair, James Bruce and Tom Stephens.

Board Moves March 24, 2020

US-based Eric Vincent has joined the board of Breaker Resources as non-executive director. He is a nominee of Electrum Strategic Opportunities Fund II LP which holds some equity in the company.

Insolvency appointments March 11 to 24 2020

There have been 30 insolvency appointments to Western-Australian-incorporated companies in the last two weeks.

Board Moves March 23, 2020

Calima Energy has made some changes to its management structure to maintain balance sheet strength, preserve flexibility and reduce overheads across the business.

Board Moves March 20, 2020

Our daily board moves wrap includes John Palermo, Anthony Fitzgerald, Glenn Jardine, Shane McBride, Eva O'Malley, Andy Bayfield, Grant Froese, Frank Holler, Peter Harold, and Sophie Raven.

Appointments March 20, 2020

Our weekly appointments wrap includes Lisa Dobrin, Alistair Morgan, Jodie Carlson, Hannah Marcuson and Adam Smits.

Board Moves March 19, 2020

Our daily board moves wrap includes Douglas Loh, Tim Desmond, Terry Smart, John Baillie, Petar Tomasevic, Leeanne Bond, Will Burbury, John Richards, Kevin Lines, Mark Zeptner, Tim Manners, Richard Jones, James Croser, Nader El Sayed, Les Davis, David Baxby, and Tim Bult.

Board Moves March 18, 2020

Charles Rottier has joined the board of Tempo Australia as an independent non-executive director.

Board Moves March 17, 2020

Sonu Cheema, current company secretary of Avira Resources, will also become a non-executive director of the company.

Board Moves March 16, 2020

Our daily board moves wrap includes Richard Monti, Terry Wheeler, Carl Popal, Rodney Dale, Nicole Hollows, Joel Nicholls, Arthur Palm, Mark Twycross, David Williams, Shannon Coates, and David Bell.