Board Moves June 19, 2019

Fraser Range Metals has advised of the resignation of Glenn Whiddon, and the appointment of Zane Lewis, as non-executive director. Mr  Lewis will continue in his role as company secretary.

Board Moves June 18, 2019

BARD1 Life Sciences has appointed Max Johnston and Philip Powell as non-executive directors.

Board Moves June 17, 2019

Our daily board moves wrap includes Rodney Moonen, Geoffrey Nicholson, Cheryl Edwardes, Alok Kumar Mehta, QingTao Zeng, Noel O'Brien, Quinton Hills, Catherine Anderson, and Chris Mews.

Board Moves June 14, 2019

Our daily board moves wrap includes Sonu Cheema, Malcolm James, Craig Barnes, John Blower, Jude Turton, Jeffrey Williams, Ashok Parekh, Peter Hunt, Peter Bilbe, Jonathan Price, Peter Rozenauers, Bianca Taveira, Stephen Hewitt-Dutton, Shannon Green, and Steve Formica.

Board Moves June 13, 2019

Our daily board moves wrap includes John Palermo, Mary Hackett, Nick Cernotta, John Ciganek, Anna Sudlow, Craig Barnes, Yves Ilunga, and Joas Kabete.

Appointments June 14, 2019

Our weekly appointments wrap includes John Barrington, Timothy Marney, Fiona Harris, Lee-Ann Kirkham, Chris Blyth, Sabina Shugg, Mark Hewitt and Chris Slater.

Board Moves June 12, 2019

Our daily board moves wrap includes Andrew Tsang, Sue Murphy, Paul Ching, Jackie Lee, Bernard Olivier, Cobus van Wyk, Evan Kirby, Christiaan Jordaan, and Brad Mytton.

Insolvency appointments May 29 to June 11 2019

FirmAppointee/SolicitorRoleCompany NamePublished DateCor CordisClifford Stuart RockeliquidatorAll Earth Pty Ltd11/06/2019RSMNeil Raymond CribbliquidatorBurns & Baker Accountants Pty Ltd11/06/

Board Moves June 11, 2019

Dr Chia-Tai Chiang has resigned as non-executive director of Black Star Petroleum. Frank Knezovic has been appointed an alternate director for Chris Zielinski at Global Vanadium.

Board Moves June 7, 2019

Our daily board moves wrap includes Neil Meadows, Douglas Loh, Mark Chamberlain, Suraj Sanghani, Craig Smith, Campbell McKenzie, Catherine Grant-Edwards, Melissa Chapman, Daniel Noonan, and Geoffrey Laing.

Board Moves June 6, 2019

Hun Seng Tan has retired as non-executive director of GBM Resources, having served on the board for over 4 years.

Appointments June 7 2019

Our weekly appointments wrap includes Jemma Green, David Capper, Jonathan Carapetis, Johan Wesseloo, Stuart Bell and Michael Swift.

Board Moves June 5, 2019

Our daily board moves wrap includes Andrew Paterson, Leonard Math, Tim Roberts, Paul Peros, and Sharon Warburton.

Board Moves June 4, 2019

Po Chang Chen has been appointed non-executive director of CAQ Holdings. Mr  Chen is a venture capitalist with a background in the development of business turnaround strategies in Asia.

Board Moves June 3, 2019

Our daily board moves wrap includes Michael Pivac, Aidan Flynn, Simon Amos, Sally-Anne Layman, Mark Le Messurier, Michael Ball, Richard Hay, Tanugula Rao, Geoffrey Clifford, Joe Graziano, and Mauro Balzarini.

Board Moves May 31, 2019

Peter Tazewell has resigned as chief executive of DTI Group and will leave the company at the end of June.

Appointments May 31, 2019

Our weekly appointments wrap includes John Langoulant, Sue Pember, Maria Saraceni, Wayne Peel, Alex Willcocks, Adrian Gurgone, Lorraine Gregoriadis, Sarah Greenough, Sarah Bagshaw, Mark Woffenden, Lisa Paul, Dianne Bain, Claire Wilkinson, Trudy Cook, Anthony Mauro, Lui Pangiarella, Jason O’Meara, Alex Da Silva and Doug McKay.

Board Moves May 30, 2019

Our daily board moves wrap includes Rebecca Broughton, Gemma Davies, Kevin Piepgrass, Mark Lynam, and John Langoulant.

Board Moves May 29, 2019

Steve Abbott has been appointed to the newly-created role of managing director at Caravel Minerals. Mr  Abbott has been with the company since September 2018 as general manager of feasibility.

Insolvency appointments May 15 to 28 2019

FirmAppointee/SolicitorRoleCompany NamePublished DateWorrells Solvency & Forensic AccountantsMervyn Jonathan KitayliquidatorBrokker Pty Ltd28/05/2019DeloitteMatthew DonnellyliquidatorPros Res

Board Moves May 28, 2019

US-based mobile software company Syntonic has appointed Edward Meagher as joint company secretary. He replaces Kate Sainty who has gone on maternity leave.