Board Moves February 13, 2019

Ian Stuart has been appointed non-executive chair, and Stuart Hall has retired as non-executive director, of Bryah Resources.

Insolvency appointments Jan 25 to Feb 12 2019

Opus Nominees (WA) Pty Ltd, Wingfield Pty Ltd, Perth Services Co Pty Ltd, Central Asia Resources Limited, Overstar Holdings Pty Ltd, Newtrend Enterprises Pty Ltd

Board Moves February 12, 2019

Our daily board moves wrap includes Michael Thurn, Deborah Ho, Torey Marshall, Simon Francis, Hayden Locke, Anthony Hall, and Jason Brewer.

Board Moves February 11, 2019

Our daily board moves wrap includes Christopher (Robert) Wanless, Tom Eadie, Brett Tucker, Nicolaus Heinen, Stephe Wilks, Sahm Nasseri, Alex Passmore, Ian Mulholland, Craig Hall, Neil Porter, David English, Todd Hibberd, and Dan Smith.

Board Moves February 8, 2019

Stephanie Unwin has stepped down as non-executive director of Zenith Energy, following her appointment as chief executive of Horizon Power.

Board Moves February 7, 2019

Grant Davey has resigned as non-executive director of Boss Resources.

Appointments February 8, 2019

Our weekly appointments wrap includes Kristal Kinsela-Christie, Katina Law, Jahna Cedar, Andrew McConville, Grahame Coles, Paul Beeson, Scott Marisett, Rachel Bruechle, Warren Harding, Matthew Budge, Sharon Brown, Elle Pound, Neil Martin, Rob Korda and Matthew Rosich.

Board Moves February 6, 2019

Zane Lewis has been appointed non-executive director and joint company secretary of Vital Metals.

Board Moves February 5, 2019

Our daily board moves wrap includes His Highness Sheikh Maktoum Hasher al Maktoum, David Lenigas, Alex Duncan-Kemp, Dan Smith, Jess Oram, David Sanders, Mike Pitcher, Michael Fry, Keith Bowes, Adam Kiley, Stuart McKenzie, Mathew O'Hara, Paul Criddle, Marat Abzalov, and Peter Woods.

Board Moves February 4, 2019

Our daily board moves wrap includes Bradley Marwood, Peter Christie, Richard Whiting, Simon Forth, Clive Carver, YeongJin Heo, SungWon Yoon, John Carlile, John Westdorp, Carol New, Craig Hall and Dean Calder.

Appointments February 4, 2019

ECU is on its way to complete its goal to appoint more than 20 professors from around the world to increase its research activity, with the appointment of its 18th professor, Michelle Colgrave.

Board Moves February 1, 2019

Our daily board moves wrap includes Quentin Megson, Tony Chamberlain, Brett Tucker, Benjamin Donovan, Leslie Pereira, Ray Shorrocks, Ran Kaspi, Anat Peled, Grant Osborne, David McEntaggart and Nicki Farley.

Board Moves January 31, 2019

Our daily board moves wrap includes Klaus Eckhof, Frazer Tabeart, Ian McCubbing, Guy-Robert Lukama, Yves Ilunga, Terence Clee, James Ellingford, Mathew Perrot, Rohan Dalziell, Alec Pismiris, David Sanders and Harry Karelis.

Board Moves January 30, 2019

Our daily board moves wrap includes Steven Zaninovich, Simon Jackson and Paul Stephen.

Board Moves January 29, 2019

Our daily board moves wrap includes Martin Purvis, Kevin Small and Dane Etheridge.

Board Moves January 21-25, 2019

This week's board moves wrap includes Chris Evans, James Brown, Bradley Boyle, Neil Hackett, Peter Spitalny, Mike Young, Tomer Segev, Eran Gilboa, Justin Walawski, Wen Qian, Jason Livingstone, Robert Klug, Paul Kitto, Paul Burton and Mark Strizek.

Insolvency appointments Dec 13 2018 to Jan 24 2019

ST ACN116292463 Pty Ltd, Goldfinger Facility Management Pty Ltd, EFX Electrical Pty Ltd, Tyro Assets Pty Ltd, Averm Pty Ltd, Concrete Construct Contractors Pty Ltd...

Board Moves January 14-18, 2019

This week's board moves wrap includes Allan Tan, Matthew Watson, Jeremy King, Carol New, Brendon Morton, Vincent Ledoux-Pedailles, Scott McWilliam, Mary Ploughman, Jeffrey Moore, Katie Tovich, Brendan Harris and Peter Finnimore.

Appointments January 25, 2019

Accounting firm BDO has expanded its advisory team appointing Courtney Gibson as executive director of advisory and Samantha Moody as executive director of cyber resilience.

Appointments January 18, 2019

Boston-based global advisory, restructuring and investment firm Gordon Brothers has opened its first Perth office, to be led by equipment valuation and auction industry veteran, Ben Gibson.

Board Moves January 11, 2019

Our daily board moves wrap includes Stephen Gethin, Avi Sthapak and Robin Luo.