Veer Bala Gupta

A winner of the highly competitive international BrightFocus award and, most recently, a dementia leadership award from the National Health and Medical Research Council, Veer Bala Gupta has been consistently recognised for her groundbreaking work against Alzheimer’s disease. She is a senior research scientist at Edith Cowan University and has worked extensively investigating the biochemical changes in individuals predisposed to the disease, prior to the appearance of clinical symptoms. Dr Gupta’s work has helped promote early diagnostic blood screening for Alzheimer’s disease. At 38, she has published 60 peer-reviewed articles and two books. In addition to work as a neuroscientist, Dr Gupta is the sole carer for her two children and plays an active role in the community to raise awareness about dementia and its early symptoms. She strives to apply her research to improve diagnostic and therapeutic practices for Alzheimer’s disease in the community.
Bio last updated 06 Mar 2018

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