Jane Chambers

In pursuit of a more financially rewarding career that still championed her passion for childcare, Jane Chambers dropped out of a teaching degree at the age of 20 to build her own business. With minimal business experience, Mrs Chambers bought a house in Busselton and converted it into her first childcare centre. Now, 16 years later, Bluebird Childcare operates out of three centres, employs 64 staff, and operates eight vans to transport and care for more than 700 children a week. When a larger childcare company opened up in Busselton in 2004 and Bluebird lost 80 per cent of clients, Mrs Chambers was challenged with turning her business around. She undertook a business course that taught her the skills of business ownership. Bluebird now extends services to children through the Department for Child Protection and the local women’s shelter.
Bio last updated 06 Mar 2018

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