Damian Norvilas

Damian Norvilas has grown his business from a simple market stall into a wholesale artisan bakery, servicing cafes and restaurants across Perth. Trained as a baker’s assistant, Mr Norvilas launched Loafers Artisan at the Subiaco Farmers Market in 2009, expanding operations into wholesale trade and opening a factory in Burswood a year later. He has grown Loafers Artisan’s customer base more than 10-fold, with its turnover from five years ago now its profit. Meanwhile, the business has received more than 30 accolades at the Baking Industry Awards and at the Perth Royal Show. The business donates bread to residents from charitable organisation The Esther Foundation each day. Mr Norvilas has continued to source local ingredients, with Byford-based flour supplier and key partner, Millers Foods, buying direct from local farmers.
Bio last updated 06 Mar 2018

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