Linda Mauger

Linda Mauger’s success in developing the Australian Wildlife Conservancy can be ascribed to her intense passion for sustainable environmental preservation. As executive officer Ms Mauger has played an integral role in developing the non-profit, WA-based organisation into a national enterprise, with 12 sanctuaries in four states. Ms Mauger’s most significant business achievement to date has been managing growth, development and restoration of the Mornington Wilderness Camp in the Kimberley, after visitor facilities had been badly damaged by flooding. In addition, her vital contribution to the marketing and operational facets from their West Perth-based head office has resulted in the production of new management systems. Ms Mauger says being executive officer of the AWC has been her dream job essentially because of the strong values the organisation places on science-based ground management of land. Her endeavours have been rewarded through collaborations with some of the leading scientific figures in the world including David Attenborough and Dr Tim Flannery. Ms Mauger previously spent a year as Australian Youth Ambassador for Development in Vanuatu. There she contributed to the Eco-Forestry enterprise.
Bio last updated 31 Jan 2014