Brad Crisp

At only 21 Brad Crisp concluded that working as an employee was not what he wanted out of life. So in 1987 with barely $1000 in his bank account he founded his own business, Crispair Refrigeration & Airconditioning. Mr Crisp initially performed operations from his bedroom in his parent’s home, but soon after went into business with an associate, and together moved to an official premise in hope to expand the company. Having experienced reasonable success up until 1997, Crispair was hindered by its inability to expand due to the structure of ownership. Mr Crisp had many ideas for growth but was restricted from implementing them through his associate. After management tribulations he decided that the only solution was to buy out his partner, and since this time Crispair has experienced substantial growth and its turnover has tripled. Over the last 16 years Mr Crisp has expanded his business from two employees, to employing seven full time staff and 12 subcontractors in 2004. In 1999 he seized an opportune business prospect by acquiring Austron Auto Treatments Australia, a company which manufactures automotive treatment products. The company is currently testing a technological breakthrough, expecting to result in significant cost savings to the marine industry. Mr Crisp’s strong personable attributes such as his respect for his employees and openness to respond to customer’s needs are fundamental grounds for his company’s success and survival in the industry.
Bio last updated 31 Jan 2014