Albasio La Pegna

Over 13 years Albasio La Pegna has created four successful restaurants in Perth –Belissimo Café, Pronto, Funtastico, and Zaffareno in Crawley. These accomplishments have made the restaurateur eligible for the Prix D’Onour, which is the knighthood of the restaurant world in Western Australia. Only winners of three consecutive Gold Plate Awards are eligible for this award and there have been very few winners in the past. Mr La Pegna has achieved strong customer support in Claremont, Subiaco and now Crawley. Mr La Pegna is one of the founders and is an ongoing member of the Saffron Association of the World. The association has helped increased world recognition of this amazing spice. His latest restaurant, Zafferano, overlooks the Swan River and has a predominantly seafood-based menu.
Bio last updated 31 Jan 2014

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