Jon Morris

After two years as the state manager of Paraplegic Benefit Fund Australia, Jon Morris was appointed as the CEO of the organisation last December. The not-for-profit organisation, which aims to reduce the incidence and impact of spinal cord injury, provides members with a $100,000 financial payment if a spinal chord injury is sustained. At PBF Mr Morris has reversed negative membership growth, increased corporate members from seven to 116 organisations and employed 13 disabled staff. He has also changed the direction of the board, recognising that less of a medical focus was needed in favour of a more commercial one. PBF won the ‘Being Innovative’ category at the 2004 WA Community service Industry Awards. As the not-for-profit sector increasingly competes for partnership opportunities, Mr Morris has had to be both entrepreneurial and innovative in raising the profile of PBF and achieving growth in both revenue and services. As part of lifting the profile of PBF and promoting a modern, active organisation, Mr Morris has secured the services of Fremantle Dockers vice-captain Matthew Pavlich as an ambassador. Mr Morris was also involved in a road safety campaign, which placed 16 wheelchairs with road safety messages on them around Perth, and in staging the first AFL wheelchair match. Mr Morris was previously the state co-ordinator with the WA Local Government Association community road safety project, and helped to increase the profile of local government on government committees.
Bio last updated 31 Jan 2014

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