Parliament of WA

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The Parliament of WA debates public policy and passes laws, provides and checks the government, and represents the people.

Parliament House is administered by the Department of the Legislative Council, the Department of the Legislative Assembly and the Parliamentary Services Department.

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Parliament House, Harvest Terrace, PERTH WA 6000
08 9222 7222

Company Activity

Peter Rundle
NEW ROLE: Peter Rundle, Opposition Whip, WA Legislative Assembly30 Mar 2022
Colin de Grussa
NEW ROLE: Colin de Grussa, Deputy Leader of the Opposition & Opposition Whip, WA Legislative Council30 Mar 2022
Mia Davies
NEW ROLE: Mia Davies, Shadow Minister for Regional Cities30 Mar 2022
Tjorn Sibma
NEW ROLE: Tjorn Sibma, Shadow Minister for Metronet30 Mar 2022
David Honey
NEW ROLE: David Honey, Shadow Minister for Water30 Mar 2022
Shane Love
NEW ROLE: Shane Love, Shadow Minister for Local Government30 Mar 2022
Reece Whitby
NEW ROLE: Reece Whitby, Minister for Environment, Climate Action17 Dec 2021
David Templeman
NEW ROLE: David Templeman, Minister for Sport & Recreation, International Education17 Dec 2021
Alannah MacTiernan
NEW ROLE: Alannah MacTiernan, Minister for Regional Development; Agriculture & Food; Hydrogen Industry17 Dec 2021
Stephen Dawson
NEW ROLE: Stephen Dawson, Minister for Emergency Services, Innovation & ICT, Medical Research, Volunteering17 Dec 2021

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