Paul Plowman

It’s still the economy, stupid

Troy Buswell and Ben Wyatt face off at the WA Business News debate on Tuesday. With high state debt, big infrastructure plans and credit rating warnings, who will better manage the challenges ahead?

Race tightens as parties make final dash

There have been plenty of highs and lows in state politics as the major parties turn for home in the race to the state election next March.

State intervention impedes investment

Many in the business community are beginning to question the Liberals’ true commitment to the principles of private enterprise and competition.

Government pulls wrong rein on CEO pay

‘Fat cat’ wage hikes expose a lack of accountability and political will.

Labor leader needs to come out fighting

Mark McGowan needs some positivity training, if recent comments are indicative of the mood inside Labor.

Barnett, McGowan and a worm that turns

The candidate who connects with the public on ‘big picture’ issues could take the spoils come election night.

Lack of civility pollutes political discourse

The political fallout from the latest Alan Jones controversy has focused attention on the issue of gender and the general tone of political discussion.

Can Tony Soprano become premier?

Troy Buswell’s confessional profile in last weekend’s press is the next step in his quest for the state’s top job.

Unravelling loyalties leave Libs exposed

The state election can’t come soon enough for the premier.

Lines blurred between big business and state

Are we seeing a new style of WA Inc as big, sophisticated resources companies influence political life in the state?

Shrinking funds pool limits political largesse

The pot of money that is Royalties for Regions may have a strong attraction for Liberal and Labor parties but don’t expect the Nationals to come bearing gifts this Christmas.

Knowledge key arrow in lobbyist’s quiver

An effective lobbyist’s true value is in making sure what’s being proposed can be achieved.

Barnett’s leadership skills in focus

A poor Newspoll result has brought some lingering issues to the surface for the state government.

Government needs to define vision

The state government needs to find a balance between honest financial management and policy savvy over the next 12 months.