Adam Kukulj

After finishing a painting apprenticeship, Mr Kukulj started his own business as a sole trader at the age of 23. By 24 he had a team of nearly 60 painters working for him and Consummo Painting was well on its way to success. The business now boasts an impressive clientele that includes Rio Tinto, Shell, Burger King, and Dale Alcock Homes. The business’s success isn’t just confined to Australia; during a working holiday to the UK Mr Kukulj was awarded the contract to paint the ancestral home of the late Princess Diana in Northamptonshire. More recently Consummo Painting was acknowledged with an award for excellence from the Master Painters Association. Mr Kukulj believes that, with hard work, all businesses can achieve success and hopes that his efforts will continue to provide opportunities for the community, especially during the hard times faced by the building and construction industry.
Bio last updated 21 Jan 2014