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West Cape Howe has been a breath of fresh air among the winemaking operations of the Great Southern, as David Pike reports.

Top tasters a big rap for Eminem

WHILE the restaurant name may provoke thoughts of rap music and nasty language, a growing number of Perth food lovers know Eminem as the home of quality Turkish cuisine.

This industry’s all about hospitality

GUSTO has been sent some interesting information, and a clever photo, from the Australian Academy of Hospitality Management.

Another small step for Mann

UNLIKE many of his peers, who shy away from cooking competitions and food promotions, Oceanus executive chef Andrew Mann is a keen participant in extracurricular activities.


The good folk of Plantagenet haven’t taken long to make their mark in the world of wine, as David Pike reports.


NEWCOMER Sensations En Ardross is creating quite a culinary stir at its new home on Ardross Street in Applecross.


The Evans & Tate Classic is back again. David Pike reviews the history of this fine wine and extols some of its virtues.


A long-awaited gallery and art gallery project is just one of the many happenings in Perth’s gastronomic scene. Julie-anne Sprague investigates.

Gusto Vino

While facing the ravages of winter, David Pike also discovers some of the hidden treasures that abound in WA’s Great Southern.

gustovintage 2003

The sun has set on the 2003 vintage. After taking part in his second consecutive vintage David Pike reports on the trials and tribulations of this season’s offerings.


Korean barbecue is proving extremely successful – so much so that there are plans to expand on the concept in Perth. Julie-anne Sprague investigates.


The Jack Mann Memorial Medal has been awarded for another year. David Pike takes the opportunity to look into the background of this year’s recipient.


Could David Bianchi’s West Perth restaurant Savoia be a takeover target for industry heavyweight Warren Mead? Julie-anne Sprague investigates.


The southern stretch of Margaret River is home to Alexandra Bridge wines, a range that David Pike discovers has transformed itself. Alexandra Bridge has just released their premium range of wines called 101 after their Brock- man Highway address.


Western Australia’s best are recognised with the announcement of this year’s Wine Industry Association awards for excellence, as David Pike discovers.


Wine guru Shaun Maher has embarked on a new venture designed to produce wine lists and on-the-job training for staff, as Julie-anne Sprague reports.

Gusto Vino

Howard Park’s regional wines display a distinctive style even though their treatment and handling are identical, and the Shiraz and Cabernet are remarkable, as David Pike discovers.

Gusto Bites

A new tavern opening in East Perth in early September will add flavour to the area’s tasty line-up, as Julie-anne Sprague reports.


One of David Pike’s favourite WA wine industry events is just around the corner – Western Australian Fine Wine.

Hunt on for a new Cape Mentelle CEO as Hohnen seeks a change

MARGARET River wine industry pioneer David Hohnen is on the hunt for a chief executive officer to take over the operations of Cape Mentelle Vineyards the company he co-founded in 1970.


The team at Fraser’s in Kings Park have decided that having one of the city’s best views isn’t enough ... there’s a new look inside too, as Julie-anne Sprague reports.