25/02/2003 - 21:00

Tales of love and romance

25/02/2003 - 21:00


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Tales of love and romance

WHILE Valentine’s Day was more than a week ago, Gusto couldn’t go past some of these great-night-out stories.

The stories should be seen as precautionary tales for future years to those romantic young sirs who perhaps need to book a table a tad earlier than a week before February 14, a day before, the night of, or simply walking in off the street.

One particular story highlighted the commercial reality of the night. According to one restaurateur a gentleman inquiring about the Val’s Day offerings would only book if his partner was given a free rose.

Generally most restaurateurs contacted by Gusto said the evening was much tamer than previous years but it included some tears and, of course, some great romantic gestures.

Clive Bevan at Friends Restaurant said one girl asked the waiter to leave her and her partner alone for 15 minutes or so. Upon the waiter’s return, however, the girl was in tears.

But on a happier note was the story of a gal out dining with her partner at Must Winebar.

According to Must Winebar executive chef Russell Blaikie, a gentleman handed over to one of the wait staff a $5,000 Cartier watch and asked them to bring out the watch when his partner arrived.

While the team at Must wondered whether the gal would be impressed if they brought out one of their own watches, Gusto can report that the Cartier timepiece made it safely to the table to its intended recipient.

Most restaurateurs said they were booked out at least two weeks in advance and, apart from a lucky couple who walked in off the street and found a table at Gala Restaurant, the advice for next year is to book early.

Hans at Gala Restaurant said he had one late walk in and was lucky enough to be able to give them a table for two, because its original couple had accidentally gone next door to Piccolo Mondo. Whoops.


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