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96fm tops Perth radio ratings

96FM has claimed top position in Perth's radio ratings, narrowly edging out second-placed Mix 94.5 and third-placed Nova 93.7.

CSA rebrands as Governance Institute of Australia

Chartered Secretaries Australia will become the Governance Institute of Australia, with members overwhelmingly backing the rebrand at a general meeting last week.

‘Laws’ stand firm in new sales world

I have received a number of queries regarding to the content of my latest book, the 21.5 Unbreakable Laws of Selling, and thought I'd clarify some of the issues raised.

Skill and attitude a winning combination

Business leaders need to refine their strategy and get their teams performing at full capacity.

How high are your standards?

Great leaders don’t just lead by example – they set the standard all others at the business follow.

From marketing science to sales

CURRENT markets are incredibly volatile and competition is fierce across all industries for the public’s disposable income.

Big ideas collide at Fusion and Canva

In 2007, Melanie Perkins had a big idea and a dream to take it to the world.

Past a great pointer to the future

Learning from the lessons of the past can help you form ongoing relationships with your customers, leading to more sales.

Instagram – app of the future a great connector

Making connections through social media is just the first step. Who knows where it may lead you?

RAC continues global move

The RAC has reinforced its favour of global media and branding agencies with it announcing a new winner for its media communications work.

Give me a reason to ‘like’ your business

It’s one thing to be liked on social media but another to use the ‘like’ to become more interactive with your customers.

The right sounds can put you in the sales zone

The music you listen to can determine your mood and your fate, and can be a great way to connect with your clients.

Meaningful ways to measure employee happiness

Successful leaders know they need to balance the needs of employees, customers, and shareholders to build a thriving company.

Dash Digital relationship formalised

The increasing demand for digital and mobile expertise in branding strategies has prompted Chameleon Creative and Reignite to formalise a six-year long relationship.

Want to get personal? You’ve got the power

Establishing trust with your customers is a vital element in the quest for success.

Stokes’ firms buck the trend on executive pay

When the chief executive of an ASX-listed company is getting paid an annual salary of only $110,000, it’s a sure sign that money is tight. But not for all, as Business News' quarterly CEO salary survey reveals.

Advance management pressing ahead

The printing business has made headlines recently for redundancies and corporate failures, but not everyone is pessimistic about the sector as new technology and competition from the internet change t

Who’s taking responsibility?

Surely your inability to close the deal can’t all be the buyer’s fault.

Are you focused on outcomes?

Helping clients take ‘ownership’ of what you’re offering is a sure way to build a positive sales relationship.

Voelte to get more than BHP, Rio bosses

The new-found restraint characterising chief executive salaries has not extended to Kerry Stokes’ Seven Group Holdings, which has announced that new boss Don Voelte could earn $7.2 million each year.

Monford, Lush TV highlight business awards

Construction contractor Monford, which was one of 10 winners in this year's Business News' Rising Stars awards, has made the finals in another business awards program, along with communications compan