Peter Trench

Peter Trench has been getting people into shape since 1993 with his flexible, carefully designed fitness programs for business, both large and small. Mr Trench enjoys the challenge of customising programs to suit those who live and work long hours in remote mining areas as well as nine-to-five in the metropolitan area. In 1993, while competing as a professional athlete, he created the business Trench Sportz, and in 1995 decided to change career to concentrate on the growth of his business. He established a sports science centre at Perry Lakes Athletics Stadium and introduced sports related services such as physiotherapy, podiatry, massage and a dietician. Over the next four years he developed programs such as belly blasters, in collaboration with sports dietician Julie Meek, and an osteoporosis program, strong bones, now referred to as building bones and recognised by the Arthritis Foundation of WA. In 1999, Mr Trench launched an expansive corporate health service within the Australian business community, resulting in the provision of on-site health and fitness services at eight WA regional mine sites. Trench Sportz was renamed Trench Health and Fitness in 2005.
Bio last updated 30 Jan 2014